++Cancellation of E3++

Hi Folks,

I’m afraid it’s my sad duty to announce the cancellation of the forthcoming July event. We’ve taken the decision a little earlier this time as we wanted to make it easier for participants who are now returning to work and are being asked about holiday and leave plans. We hope that the situation will improve in the coming months, but it was clear that it was not going to improve quickly enough for us to run the July event.

We will follow the same process that we applied to the previous event. Tent bookings have been cancelled and the charge removed from your Empire account. If you have an existing booking for the third event, then this has been rolled over to the next available event. For example, if you were booked for the next two events, your account will now show that you are booked for event four this year and event one next year. Event dates and tickets for all events in 2021 are now available on the PD website.

We’ve taken this approach to minimize the administration burden; if you’re happy to have your ticket rolled over then there is nothing further that you need to do. If you need a refund for any reason - then please do contact us by emailing accounts@profounddecisions.co.uk with your name and details and we will sort you out. If you include your bank account number and sort code then we can process your refund very quickly.

I do want to take this opportunity to personally thank everyone who has supported Profound Decisions and our events by allowing their tickets to roll over or by donating the costs to PD. We understand not everyone is in a position to do this, but the level of support we’ve experienced from those who have been able to help has been truly incredible and far outstripped even the most optimistic forecasts that we made at the start of the year. That has made an enormous difference to us, not just financially but also emotionally. Thank you.

As a direct result of that support, we’re in a position to take advantage of the changes to the government furlough scheme to bring Andy and Graeme back to work part time from the start of July. That is a small risk since we still don’t know when we’ll be able to resume running events, but it means that we can better use this time to improve the game for everyone. We simply could not have done that without the generous support of the community.

With just myself in work until then we’re limited in what we can currently work on - so I’m focussing on improvements to the website to make it easier for players to spend xp and update their character on the system. Once they’re complete, we’ll upload the new system along with some rules updates that we hope will make the game better for everyone, especially new players.

As per previous updates, we will continue to “freeze” in-character time. That means that the first event that we run in 2020 will still be the forthcoming Winter Solstice. Everything that would have been delivered for the first three events is now scheduled for the September event instead.

Finally I’d like to thank everyone for the wonderful videos and other content uploaded to the Empire facebook groups over the event weekend. It was great to see our crew connecting with so many people this time, answering questions on plot, battles, and the civil service - but it was also nice to see so many players creating similar content to improve access to the game for others. I also really enjoyed seeing the many pictures of kit going up - please do keep it coming until we can all get back in a field and start rolelplaying together again.

Matthew Pennington,
Profound Decisions.


  • Due to coronavirus, we are very sorry but we have to cancel event three. There simply is no other option.
  • If you booked the event, your ticket has been rolled over to the next available event.
  • Anyone can request a refund at any time - email us with your name, PID and bank details and we’ll sort that for you.
  • Event 4 will be now the first event of the Empire year, so everything in the IC world will start from there.
  • Dates and tickets for all our 2021 events are now available on the website.

Thanks to Oliver Facey for this wonderful photo - and thanks to Andrea Cradduck who made the absolutely sublime Banner for the Dawn Summer tournay.


Here’s all the fingers crossed for E4!

If the winds of fortune blow our way… it’ll be a big one!

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