++ Cancellation of E4 ++

Hi Folks,

I’m afraid it’s once again my sad responsibility to announce the cancellation of the forthcoming September event. Although some small LRP groups are able to consider running events under the right conditions, there is no chance of us being able to run an event for 2000+ people in the next six weeks.

We will follow the same process that we applied to the previous event. Tent bookings have been cancelled and the charge removed from your Empire account. If you have an existing booking for the fourth event, then this has been rolled over to the next available event. For example, if you were booked for the next two events, your account will now show that you are booked for event one and two next year. Event dates and tickets for all events in 2021 are now available on the PD website.

We’ve taken this approach to minimize the administration burden; if you’re happy to have your ticket rolled over then there is nothing further that you need to do. If you need a refund for any reason - then please do contact us by emailing accounts@profounddecisions.co.uk with your name and details and we will sort you out. If you include your bank account number and sort code then we can process your refund very quickly.

I want to use this opportunity to once again thank everyone who has supported Profound Decisions and our events by donating the cost of their tickets or by allowing their tickets to roll over. We understand not everyone is in a position to do this, particularly as the economic downtime is now beginning to bite, but we are incredibly grateful for the support we have had. It has been transformative for us in terms of allowing us to keep working on Empire throughout the pandemic. Seeing how keen people are for Empire to return is a huge lift to everyone who works on the game.

As per previous updates, we will continue to “freeze” in-character time. That means that the first event that we run in 2021 will still be the forthcoming Winter Solstice. Everything that would have been delivered in 2020 is now scheduled for the first event next year.

Finally I’d like to thank everyone for the wonderful videos and other content uploaded to the Empire facebook groups over the event weekend. I particularly enjoyed having the chance to put on some costume and pretend to roleplay as we answered your questions to the constitutional court. It wasn’t a patch on being in a field, but it will have to do until we’re all back in a field wih a chance to do it for real.

I want to close with a mention of the accompanying photograph - an amazing picture taken of the statues Scarlett Hayler-King and Dale Clarke have been making for Empire. I’ve seen a handful of statues before but never anything with that level of skill and artistry. It is without doubt one of the most amazing things I’ve seen in twenty years of running LRP - and the best possible reminder of what Empire is all about. I hope everyone will keep sharing photos and updates about their own epic quests to create costume, props and set dressing for the game. We want to encourage everyone to be as aspirational as possible, to make that first event back truly memorable.

Matthew Pennington,
Profound Decisions.


  • Due to coronavirus, we are very sorry but we have to cancel event four. There simply is no other option.
  • If you booked the event, your ticket has been rolled over to the next available event.
  • Anyone can request a refund at any time - email us with your name, PID and bank details and we’ll sort that for you.
  • Dates and tickets for all our 2021 events are now available on the website.

A couple of people asked about what they can do to support Empire/PD - so I’ve edited the post to add this:

If you want to support Empire then a great way to do that is to put up pictures of any new costume or kit that you’re working on - or just post a picture of your costume to the relevant facebook group. We’re want everyone to stay keen for Empire and I think amazing photos like the statues really helps with that. Obviously hardly anyone is as insanely talented as Scarlett and Dale - their statues are a joy to behold - but it’s actually really encouraging to see all the pictures of costume, props and similar going up. It keeps everyone enthused and positive and looking forward to being back in a field.

Some players have uploaded videos of themselves in kit - or photos. We’ve also had IC documents and similar going up - and so much gorgeous artwork that it’s getting ridiculous. I’ve lost count of the number of amazing character portraits I’ve seen. Right now, we should all have just come back from an exhausting weekend of LRP and be sharing amazing stories about the event just gone. We’re gutted that isn’t happening - but I think the pictures, the photos, documents, the art - it’s the next best thing.

If you want to make a donation to support Profound Decisions, you can just email accounts@profounddecisions.co.uk - and we’ll sort it for you. A fair few players have been in a position where they have been able to donate their ticket price rather than roll it over - others have just made a small donation. Basically if you want to do that just email accounts and let us know how much.

I want to be honest that we’re not in dire straits yet - but obviously every bit does help a lot. We’ve been absolutely bowled over by how generous our players have been this year - it has been genuinely amazing and truly uplifting. It’s a huge boost to us to know how much people want the events to come back. Makes us determined to come back better than ever.

But we’re doing ok at the moment thanks to how few refunds we’ve ended up doing. Obviously anyone who needs the money back for any reason - that’s fine. I don’t want anyone to ever feel bad for asking - but equally I don’t want to miss a chance to thank everyone who has just let their tickets roll over. To put it in perspective we only refunded three times as much money in the weeks before and after E1 this year - an event we cancelled - than the equivalent period last year - when the event ran as normal. That is an absolutely astonishing level of support and vastly exceeds our worst case forecasts.

We are incredibly lucky to have such amazing players to run events for - thank you to every single person who has supported Empire and PD in any way at all during these difficult times.