Can't see player ID in online account

Hi - this is probably the most silly question to date, but does anyone know where I can see my player ID on my online account? I have created a character, which has a character ID, but I can’t see the player ID…

Thank you in advance.

Hang on… it is probably just my name. Sorry everyone…

It’s a 4 digit number.

If you login to the PD system and go to your character, then your player ID is the first 4 digitis of your character ID. (The . and digit afterwards, .1 for a first character, indicates how many characters you have played at Empire. If your character dies your next character will be .2).

Hope that helps.

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I’m not entirely certain if this is still the case, but it doesn’t generate a PID until a booking is made.

PIDs are, as Charlie says, a 4 digit number. A newly created one will be somewhere around 9500. The CID of PID 9500’s first character would be 9500.1

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Thank you so much both. I have made a booking and my CID number matches the order of magnitude you describe.


hmm, I wonder what player has the lowest PID? I’m guessing 1 goes to Mr/Mrs Pennington themselves… but who was the most eager and keen to sign up and do they still come is the other question.

My hubby is 219, another in our Maelstrom group was 22. I believe it was alphabetical surnames from the first Maelstrom event, but I wasn’t there at the time so this may not be true!

I had 110 from Maelstrom, but I lost my account details and created a new one when Empire started. A friend still has PID 90 or so.

There are a couple in the teens who still (ir)regularly attend, and at least one single-figure has played Empire, but not since the first couple of years.

The Penningtons are 700-some and 900-some for reasons. And they’re siblings, not a couple.

Based on the surnames I know in the early numbers, this is not true.

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Maybe all those with prime ids could form a group called The Undivided!?

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Ps - that was a joke…

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Ah I didn’t know that.

I’ve seen 11 pay on the gate before :wink: