Care and maintenance of weaponry over summer

Although we are unlikely to get to an event for a while ( :frowning: ) the weather is warming up, and a word should be said as to your weaponry.

You know, that huge (or not) collection of latex swords etc piled in a wardrobe or a cupboard or even hanging on the wall…

Latex on latex, if left untreated, can get tacky in the heat, and, very slowly, start to melt into each other…

(given that we’re talking about some rather expensive bits of kit, this is to be avoided)

If you don’t have the relevant lubricant oils to hand (if anyone could post and suggest some, please do so…), here’s a couple of other ideas.

If you have only a few items, simply wrapping them in cloth away from each other should be fine. A shirt or cloak bundled around them, try to avoid any buckles etc pressing into the latex.

Alternitively, I have found applying talcum powder to them to also works pretty well. A little in the hand, then that stroked along sword blades, a shake onto a shield, and then brushed on with a soft brush or cloth. You don’t need to get all the crevices, this is just to protect those surfaces leaning on each other.

(I now have an armoury that smells like a nursery, but that’s fine)

Melted weapons can be a pain to separate. At best, you may end up with stretched bits of latex, or “burn marks”, after slow, painstaking and very careful separations. At worst, you could end up ripping the latex off both weapons, making them ugly or unsafe without extensive repairs.

So whatever you do, maybe you should check on your gear now?


Excellent advice! We made covers for our shields and weapons after an incident on a hot day when the two shields started to melt into each other.


Silicone spray lubricant.

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If links are allowed, I found these ones to be pretty reasonable and available across the uk.