Care & feeding of metal greaves

We have a pair of metal greaves which have rusted on the front surface; any advice for patching them up and upkeeping them better in the future?

Depends on the finish you want, and how badly rusted they are but,

Emery Paper in increasingly fine grades


000 steel wool, or a garryson block

then a mop wheel and jewellers rouge to polish

For rust prevention, … e-chassis/
I use it to care for my springsteel harness, and it works like magic.

Alternative approaches to preventing rust include painting and russeting.
Descriptions at for example.
You could also consider ordinary phosphoric-acid-based rust-treatment liquid, which turns rust into a blue-black coating that protects the steel from further rust, and will accept paint over it.

Also tinning or other plating was used in some historical periods, but that’s not so practical to do yourself, and you’d have to remove the straps and fittings.

I’ve wondered about this ACF-50 stuff
after I chanced to see it mentioned at
when I was looking for something else.


Lanolin acts in the same way as that ACF-50 stuff. penetrates into fissures, under rust, and replaces moisture.