Carrying / Dragging Downed Players

What’s the rule / guidance on the movement of “unconscious” casualties on the battlefield ?

Whilst I wouldn’t manhandle anyone without their constent, and I would expect them to OC assist to some extent, is it a one or more person job to move someone at a slow walking pace ?

I saw different applications during the battles, from players being reluctant to be dragged behind enemy lines by three orcs , to a hefty full plated man being “rescued” by a slightly built solo player, with some haste.

Hey, for me it’s a case of Rule 7, but just wanted an official line.

That would seem to be the relevant bit of rules, along with getting consent for any actual touching.

Oh wow I thought you needed two people to carry someone. No idea where I got that from.

You might need two players using one hand each if they’re also carrying something else perhaps? Not sure about that though.

Here’s where Ricohard quoted. … _character

So, the rules seem pretty clear.

I suppose implicitly they can be expected to apply to a character who’s taken a Cleave to one or both legs, too.

Sometimes it’s not obvious (from watching) whether a walking player is physrepping a character who is walking-with-help or who is dead/terminal and being carried/dragged. That can be a bit annoying, but I’m not sure what we can do about it.

Of course, if everyone involved is happy with it, then it’s fine to match the OOC actions to the IC ones by picking up and carrying the dead/terminal character.

Personally (and this just personal taste) I favour that option where practical. If I were playing a dead/terminal/whatever character and people wanted to move me, I’d encourage the players to pick me up and carry me: I’m not heavy and I feel it’d make for better game.

Conversely, I imagine that if my character wanted to move a terminal character more than thrice my weight I might say IC, “No, you’re too heavy, I can’t move you on my own.”

But, very importantly, some people are not OK with that level of physical contact with (and reliance on - you don’t want to get dropped!) people they don’t know. That’s a way to do it only if everyone involved wants to, if anyone would rather not they absolutely have the right to say no.

I’d also discourage picking someone up you haven’t practiced the manoeuver with. For ex. I weigh considerably more than I look and I’d hate someone to do themselves a mischief trying to throw me over their shoulder for effect :laughing: