Chainmail advice

I have a shirt of black (browned) chain and want to take it back to the base steel colour… Does anyone know if there is an easy way to do this (or a difficult way) a chemical treatment seems the least effort but i have no idea what chemical might work best (I’m thinking a nitric acid bath :astonished: )

A brief shufty around points to this page on my old uni society’s website: … ning_Guide

Which suggests that rust remover will do it. I wouldn’t use nitric acid - that’s probably how it got black in the first place! :slight_smile:

A couple of reenactors I know swear by a bath of Diet Coke to clean chain mail. No idea if it would remove a deliberate blackened finish, but it is at least a cheap option!

Has it been chemically blackened, has it acquired a russet finish, or is it just a bit rusty?

with any method you try, test it out on a hem or cuff of a sleeve first, so you don’t bollocks up the whole shirt if it goes wrong.

I have stripped galvanising from mail shirts and cleaned of rust with a dip in household vinegar. plenty strong enough, just wash clean and dry thoroughly afterwards.

Ideally, apply a little liquid lanolin, and store it in a dedicated cloth bag which has been thoroughly impregnated with lanolin.
(I use Lanoguard, bought from a marine chandler.

vinegar you say? I will give it a go on one of the off-cuts :slight_smile: