Change of site

"Hi everyone - this is an important announcement regarding the venue for this year’s events.

Very regretably, and with very little notice, the land-owner pulled out of the deal we agreed with them three months ago, citing planning concerns. We got notification that this was likely to happen last Thursday and confirmation that it was happening this Tuesday.

We did not announce anything immediately - because we knew we would have to focus 100% of our efforts to find a new site immediately - if we were not able to secure a site inside a week we would have had no alternative but to cease running live roleplaying events.

I’m pleased to say that we have secured a new site for the events this year. It’s a bigger site and includes two decent sized areas of woodland, so although announcing a site change is the absolutely last thing I would have wanted, it is not all bad news.

Unfortunately the new site is not close to our current site - it is in Buckinghamshire (MK18 5LH is the nearest post code), just a few miles from Tournament Stud which we used very successfully up until last year. We did try to secure a site in Warwickshire, but it was not possible. We will - over the next few hours - update our website and wiki with directions to the new site and we’ll update it with local amenities as soon as we can. We are looking at facilities to support players who travel by public transport and will update the website shortly once we have made suitable arrangements.

We appreciate that many players (and crew) will have booked and paid for train tickets and local accommodation already. We would ask everyone in that position to make all possible efforts to refund their tickets. Where that is not possible - or where there are cancellation charges, please contact our office by email at and we will help. If you send us proof of your booking then we will credit your Profound Decisions account to the full value of any loss incurred as that option is so much better for us - or we can offer a refund of 90% of any loss experienced for those that need to have the money back.

Finally I want to apologize to everyone for this late change. This is the very thing we worked all year to avoid, and after a series of disappointments it has been forced on us again. The new site has lots of positives - such as the woodlands - but a last minute change - even to a better site - is the last thing we wanted. I realize people will have a lot of questions - please email with any concerns - we are likely to be very busy over the next few days - but we will answer email enquiries as quickly as possible.

Matthew Pennington,
Profound Decisions."