Changeling: Either or And?

The antlers, feathered brow and leonine mane - one of each or potentially all together?

I read it as either antlers or feather brow or leonine mane - but I’m interested to see if anyone disagrees.

Just one for simplicity sake

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I can see the antlers working with the feathered brow or the mane but not the other two together.

It seemed to me to be very much a matter of personal taste though.

I think it’s personal taste, but I’d never do all three. Two max. Doing those and the ears will be enough lol

You may physrep any and up to every trapping that you see fit.

Personally, I’d only go for one of the beast trappings, though. You’ll move on into messy from majestic if you try all three, I think.

In the words of Eddie Izzard… two matchsticks!