++Changes To Ephisis’ Scale++

Minor thing - We’ve just made a couple of slight tweaks to the Ephisis’ Scale ritual mostly around expectation.

The first thing we’ve done is include a list of things the City of Gold and Lead isn’t really interested in - mostly unlammied and unribboned items, or items that are about to expire.

We’ve also added a more explicit note about the fact that the ritual may be used for various plot opportunities, and roughly how that works (that a token is usually included, as detailed in the opportunity).

It’s only a few small tweaks but it should help to avoid a bit of disappointment going forward.


Sounds like a crack down on sending cake.

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As much as in that I think people were getting disappointed by trying to send interesting/fun things and being sad they weren’t getting anything useful/fun back.

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In the Autumn realm there is no fun, only delicious cold hard numbers.

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I was drawn to Autumn until I ran the calculations with an estimate of the field price of mana crystals.

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You ran the numbers on the field cost of Mana?

Then Autumn is definitely for you!


Some of the rituals don’t stack up any more, that’s true, but I do know at least two covens who make money out of offering Autumn rituals, so there is economic game to be had in Autumn. It just might not be the obvious ones on paper.

And as Mavis says above, if you are already running numbers, you might be the right person to find that bit of game. :smiley:

I really wanted to have scales cast, and I may have to next event, but its a shame you cant use it to get something out of your magic item that’s about to expire.

And also i was going to send down some fun little bits for PD to add to some costume, as i assumed that was the main reason for having Ephis Scale…

Ah well, now to prep the Loyalty chains and potions I’m sending down next event, we shall see how much that generates!

Lemme tell you this whippersnapper, Autumn is the best realm for several reasons!

  • We can make a campaign army survive without an artificial resupply, and have done so several times
  • Mantle Of The Golden Orator makes bank, as there isn’t a priest I know of who doesn’t want more Liao and Votes (And my coven does the better one, just flexing)
  • Call Winged Messenger is a must learn for any ritualist, as its one mana for a awesome plot device. And when I’m done later this year, the whole empire can cast the Urizeni one
  • Its just really cool, and all of the Eternals for Autumn have a mystery behind them, like Basilius Flint and Mazen!
  • Timeless Hammer Rhythm is really cool and produces an item!

In general, Autumn has some rituals which are less cost efficient, but you can see that its got a few rituals that re super duper fun!

(Sorry to rant!)