Changing Lineage by OC choice

Hi guys!

So my character is currently a naga, and I’ve been toying with the idea that I’d rather she was a changeling, and I was wondering if there was any process for changing lineage currently in place.
BUT, here’s the catch - IC I have no reason for her to want that.

So essentially my questions are this;

  • what ways are available for someone to change lineage

  • Of those ways, what are ones that could be executed with a sufficient amount of my-character-wants-to-do-one-thing-and-whoops-this-just-happens-to-be-a-side-effect

At this point it’s a purely academic query, but I thought it might be an interesting head-scratcher

The basic IC method of changing the appearance of your lineage is The Twlight Masquerade and you can make that permanent using Illium. This is expensive.

You can also sometimes get favours from Eternals who will do this for you. But this also takes active effort as you need to do “stuff” for the Eternal to get them in your debt.

There have also been Conjunctions which make changing lineage easier, for example giving a chance that any Twlight Masquerade ritual could become permanent without using Illium.

I’ve also heard of the occasional traumatic wound that allows you the OOC choice of becoming a Briar, due to spring magic and all that. However I’ve not heard of one involving a change to other lineages.

As to your other question, hmmm tricky, most of this stuff requires a bunch of IC effort to make happen.


Making yourself available for magical and alchemical experimentation couldn’t hurt.

I mean, it could, obviously, but still.

Have you considered having your character decide they want to be a changeling?

Tbh that actually sounds like fun… dangerous, but fun haha

I don’t really have any reason for her to want to be a changeling, there’s not really a way to fit it into her character arc as a conscious choice if that makes sense?

If she’s currently naga, perhaps just a wish to feel what it would be like? Curiosity probably killed the naga almost as much as cats.

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I understand from a narrative perspective, but in real life, sometimes people want to do things for reasons they’re not conscious of or that don’t make total sense, and even just for no reason at all. It can be a sudden, strange fancy. And yeah, that’s generally considered bad writing when it happens in fiction, because audiences don’t like an unjustified surprise. They want to be able to understand the fiction. But in roleplaying there’s less of an audience, just the other people you’re playing with, who are all also writing the story. This holds especially true with a big festival larp like Empire. Obviously everyone is their own protagonist, but even important hat-wearers are background characters to at least like half of the people out there.

What I’m getting at is that the way your character develops can be primarily influenced by your own enjoyment rather than narrative sense, if you want them to. Your character deciding they want to be a changeling - if you’re fine with it being more of a background desire than your primary objective - can just be something they decided on a whim, or realized they wanted one day. I’ll grant you, if becoming a changeling is something you want to be your top priority, it’s not gonna be as satisfying or as justifiable to have it be your in-character top priority without a reason.

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This might explain your character wanting to change lineage. I know my character has had a deep yearning to see what living as a cambion is like because of it.


Knave you definitely have a good point! I think I hadn’t really thought about it like that, I tend to consider her story as just that, a story, but thinking about it less where it has to ‘make sense’ and more about how she would actually act as a person, given that people don’t make sense most of the time haha, that makes it a lot easier to consider as a possibility - that thought combined with the comment about curiosity and that very handy link means that I pretty much have a tailor-made ‘oooh let’s give this a try’ option

Thanks guys, those are some really good points!

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Eeek, that page has nothing in its actual content to say that it’s specifically describing the three months leading up to the Autumn Equinox of the year 381YE (OOC the last event of 2017). The page has been tagged with the relevant category, but that’s the only way to tell.

It’s in the Autumn 381 category, so it definitely occurred at that time. If the page was made at an earlier time then it would have been made before the Autumn 381 category existed, so couldn’t be in that category. Additionally, there are three separate instances of “During the coming Autumn Equinox…” on that page, so you can be pretty confident of the timing :smiley: