Changing nation

The wiki seems pretty sparse on this. My understanding is that one speaks to the target nation’s Egregore, does some ‘appropriate roleplay’, and the admin happens at GOD during the event. So it’s an entirely in-the-field thing, as opposed to (say) changing resources where the official requirements are entirely in down-time.

Is that broadly correct? Is it an arduous process? Any comments, thoughts, etc gratefully received.

Also: every nation has different set of ‘background’ questions: is there an opportunity to update those somehow? Do the old nation’s answers vanish?

Broadly yes, that’s the procedure. I am not sure if you can be ‘refused’ a nation change IC, and how that works with the desire to change nations OC.

The people I know who have changed nations to date have had a lot of roleplay (with the respective Egregores and also members of both their old and new nations), so I’d say it’s an involved process, rather than arduous.

It’s definitely not something to be taken lightly IC.


It certainly usually takes more than one event, and both your current nation’s egregores, and the one your character hopes to join will be involved and will ask questions to try to help you get the best fit.

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I think it in part depends on how urgent it is to move and potentially any OOC reasons you might have for doing so. Fundamentally PD and the Egregores won’t give you any more hassle on this than you want to play through. You normally end up talking with your old and new nation’s Egregores, do some appropriate roleplay, then either tell GOD in uptime or email them after the event.

If you want to update any background stuff you can email for that.


Hopefully the process will be a bit more straightforward nowadays.
A few years ago, I tried to go through it and the egregore of my target nation instructed me to talk to a bunch of different groups in the nation to get a feel for the different sub-cultures and stuff.

At that stage I’m relying on other characters (and larpers) to get the role-played overview of the nation and it ended up them just trying to catch me out with obscure facts from the arse end of the wiki, then declaring that they don’t feel like I can’t be a part of the nation if I can’t remember the name of a historical figure that’s only known by people in 1 region.

It kinda made it far too much effort, trying to please people that I’d probably never talk to again. That being said, I did meet and have a few drinks with a really great character who I still hang out with on occasion.

But yeah, Thanks to the player egos, It would have been easier to reroll rather than spend 3 events trying to please them and the payoff is simply changing nations, so I ended up not bothering - Figuring that regardless of where I am, I’m not gonna get along with everyone and everyones not gonna get along with me.

That being said, that was fairly near to the beginning of the game, so the mechanic wasn’t as explored as much as it is now.

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