Changing Nations, Skills and that sort of thing


A short message from Clare Evans, Head of Player Support

Morning all.

I’d just like to talk about changing nations and character skills and stuff like that.

This breaks down into three parts:

  1. Changing skills. Email us and we’ll reset your character points for you. That simple. is the email address for this.

  2. Changing Resource. If you’re a new (or newish) player email us and we’ll change it for you. New.player or admin@ is the email address for this. If youo want to change your resource later in the game you’ll need to email in and there will be an IC admin fee of 2 crowns.

  3. Changing nation. This is also something that we’re a bit more lenient on new players for but this is something which needs to be roleplayed out in the field! You need to speak to the egregore of the nation you wish to move to and have a discussion with them where they affirm that you understand the ideology and culture of the nation you wish to move to. This isn’t to stop you moving or a test but to try and help people find the right nation for them and to give some roleplay around the process. Being a member of a nation is a big deal in Empire, it’s the root of your characters ideology and way of living. After you’ve roleplayed the change through with your egregore they can radio the change through to God and make it official. The play one monster one rule of the battles still applies and you can’t play the second battle that weekend even if its the one your new nation is playing unless you’ve monstered the previous one.

Hope this helps


Note that changing nations IC can be a pretty daunting undertaking. The egregore will want you to know about the traditions of the nation, aswell as the local equivalent of Skein/Arete (Individual aims or ambitions).
You’ll also want to be known to be getting involved in the workings of the nation - Even on a small scale, but being present at Moots, Songtimes and Musters. Previous char of mine was going from Wintermark to Urizen, and the Egregore ‘Minos’ was awesome. The one negative is that you MAY have to speak to priests of a nation, and they can ALL talk for days. (j/k, we all love you Priests!). Died before making it all official, but I reckon I’d done enough!
It’s brilliant Roleplay and you learn LOADS about your target nation. I was even told to go to the academy and got lectured at by the young citizens - They know pretty much everything about their own nation.


It really depends on why you’re leaving the nation, if it’s because you don’t get on with someone OOC they’ll be less hoop jumping required. Basically the Egregores try to make sure you’ll enjoy yourself in the new nation and then give you a fun roleplaying experience. But don’t worry that they’ll block you unless you do loads of work.

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Doesn’t 1 also only apply to new players or can a more experienced player change skills they have never used or grown unhappy with, excluding the option of death or retirement.


The general answer is if you are not enjoying the skills you have please do get in touch, or come and see someone at GOD, as PD are never in favour of you having a bad time.