Changing Personal Resource

Whilst I know that you can change your personal resource (at the cost of 2 crowns) is this a like for like swap if the inital resource level has been increased ?

e.g. if I have Fleet, and have previously upgraded it to Level 3 (using Weirwood), would I change this to Business Lv 3, or would I default to Business Lv 1 (since that resource needs White Granite to upgrade, and perhaps get back the previously used Weirwood) ?


For 2 crowns you can give up your existing resource and get a new level 1 resource.
You do not get back any Weirwood used to upgrade your previous resource because your previous (level 3) resource still exists out there… you’re just no longer the owner of it.

The same goes for “moving territory”… you give up your farm in Bregasland and buy a new one in Upwold. Even mobile assets like MAA and Fleets work this way - just assume that some of your key crew/fighters leave your service rather than uproot their family.

I believe that someone in your group (knowing about this) could then pay 2 crowns to give up their own (level 2, say) resource and take over your lost level 3.

I suspect that if PD end up with a lot of spare upgraded resources lying around then they’ll start turning up in a Bourse auction.

It is totally OK to sell your resource IC to someone else, then change. So you can barter whatever you like for the swap, as long as you have a willing buyer, then the pair of you go to god and work out the admin (and pay your 2Cr each extra).

But yeah, you’d have to start upgrading again from scratch if you got a new resource.

Thank you for the replies, I hadn’t really thought about the option of selling/transferring my existing resource.