Changing territory and upgrades

Hey folks, i was wondering if i changed territory would i lose my upgrades to my fleet?

I believe you do. As per the wiki, moving a resources is the same as changing a resource, which will reset it back to level 1.


I think you’d keep your resource where ever it was and if it was in the same nation it would stay exactly the same. It’s only if you moved nation that you’d suffer a penalty until you moved your resource via paying the civil service. At that point you would lose any upgrades.

However you can sell your current upgraded resource to some one if you can find a buyer. Then youd just get a new rank 1 resource in whatever nation and territory you moved to.

This is not correct.

Your territory is defined by the location of your personal resource. To change territory, you take a new resource in the new territory. This usually costs you 2 crowns and gives you a new level 1 resource.

There are occasionally opportunities that allow you you avoid this.


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