Chapel Tent 2015

So PD are opening up their tent booking for this year tomorrow night and I’m looking to see if people are interested in and willing to support a re-run of last year’s Chapel tent.

No firm details on the cost at the moment but last year we got a medium Burgundian for £380 for the whole year, which was generously supported by 15+ people chipping in between £10 to £40 each. Suggestions (especially if people feel they want a bigger tent) and offers of support welcome. If the comments are generally positive up to Sunday night I’ll try and book a tent and will repost with an exact cost if I get lucky in the mad rent-a-tent rush.

OC: Henry Who Hates Forums

IC: Brother Jared of the Suns of Couros Chapter, Highguard; Steward of the Dead, Magister of Winter, Cardinal of the Path of Loyalty