Character building and being a Dawnish ritual mage


I know, I’m creating multiple topics, but I feel like multiple topics are needed as I have three separate questions.

I’m planning to have my character be a mage (probably ritual magic, unsure of which realm yet) and a healer of some magical disposition. However, I’m unsure of how to make a good character build without immediately regretting my choices. How do I do that? Also any advice on being a ritual mage would be greatly appreciated!

One of these points has an easy answer:

immediately regretting my choices.
PD are really good at letting you change pretty much anything about your character when you are starting out, so don’t worry overly about making mistakes.

Ritual magic has two modes:
Solo (casting alone)
Coven (Casting with a group of mages who have the same realm and nation.)

Good Solo casting builds tend to take a good chunk of your exp, due to the increasing cost of realm lore and many useful rituals being higher mag. (Also many rituals have a 2 mana for 1, 4 mana for 3 model or similar which means a higher rank mage is better at the low things.)

You can’t manage that at gen if you are investing 4 exp into physik, leaving you with at most two rank 1’s (you could hit rank 2 if you went magical healer rather than physik. (Although there are a few neat rituals you could hit, looking for a coven is more helpful.) In coven terms Dawn has a really solid Summer/Winter and Night Presence, and we are close in terms of Day. With Spring and Autumn being less organised. I can talk more at length about Day/Summer/Winter and Spring (in that order of detail.) If you would like to know more about what Dawn tends to do.

Spring,Day and Summer all have some healing connection. It’s more central to Spring which has a fair number of healing rituals, although the Day anti-venom ritual sometimes comes up for Traumatic wounds.
Day might be an interesting way of saying something distinct about your character given that it’s the realm that would allow scrying and that seems to tie in with the noble’s daughter in a tower elements from your backstory.

if it makes it easier you don’t have to spend all your XP on character gen right at the start. You could just pick Magician and choose realm and rituals, or spells once you’ve met a few people on the field and worked out where you want to fit.

On the other hand if as a new player you do spend all your XP on something that you think is cool, and it turns out to be not the right sort of fun for you when you get to the field, the Games Operation Desk(GOD) can rest things so you can make different choices. Pd are great about that.