Character Commissions!

Hello all! While I don’t currently attend any PD events, I’m hoping to in the future, and #maelfroth suggested that I pop up a commissions post here as well as on my various social media.

For those of you who don’t know me - and I assume there will be many - I’m Jai, and I am a freelance portrait and character artist. I do both traditional and digital commissions, and absolutely love doing LARP character art.

I’ll pop my contact details and price list up here at the top, and then post a couple recent pieces to give you all an idea of what I do.

Note: Art Nouveau is only available on digital commissions - due to the finicky nature of it, I don’t feel comfortable doing these by hand!!

To get a hold of me, for any questions or to request a commission:
tumblr - deviantART - facebook - g+

I really much prefer e-mail for at least the first batch of information, as it means that I won’t lose it as easily as if it’s in a comment thread or through a chat messenger.

And now for my recent work:
Clarion: Empire LARP Commission - Digital, Full Body, Art Nouveau

SLF Beatrix: Empire LARP Commission - Digital, Stupid Little Fat Person

Tuuri: Ecplise Phase Character - Digital, Full Body (Personal Work)

And finally, as temptation: After hearing about the great loss of life at the latest Empire event:

If this sounds like something you’d like, drop me a line at I can also answer any questions there, on my tumblr, deviantart or facebook, and I’m a frequent on #maelfroth. I’ll do my best to keep up with this thread as well, so feel free to ask questions here, if I haven’t made anything completely clear.

I look forward to hopefully working with some of you!

I can vouch not only for Jai’s art skills, which speak for themselves, but also for their attitude and client relationship skills - a true pleasure to work with.

Apparently I need to interact with the forums more before I can send PMs - anyone trying to contact me is advised to email me rather than PM me here.

Sorry for the trouble!

That should be sorted now, pm away :slight_smile:.

I recently commissioned an icon of Tian from Jai and, well, I’m extremely happy with it. :slight_smile: I think the quality of their art speaks for itself, but I second what Beornwulf has said - they are very professional, friendly, and a pleasure to work with.

(Jai, if you have any objections to me posting this here, please say and I’ll take it down.)