Character Concept Curious Priest

I think I (hopefully) have come up with a character concept, although it seemed like a good idea to run it by the forum first XD.

My character would be Marcus Visten, the youngest brother out of four from a respected family steeped in tradition. While Visten is now something of an adventuring hub, this family has stayed mostly within the spire’s bounds for centuries, serving as potent ritualists and pillars of the community. It seems that they loosened their grip slightly with their youngest son, however, because Marcus ended up becoming a priest of wisdom with a head full of unorthodox thinking and lots of questions. Hearing tales from around the world via the travellers in Visten, Marcus came to believe that anyone can influence the net of heavens, but only those with the curiosity to seek out wisdom can do so in a helpful way. His family had collectively read almost every scroll that some poor monk ever compiled, but they were relatively backward compared to the rest of the Empire, still living in a time when the idea of an Imperial Orc was one to scoff at. So Marcus decided to join the local order of the Way and one day became the junior priest of the flock without a whiff of magic about him. But eventually he decided to practice what he preached and go to Anvil. Marcus planned to improve his understanding of the Way by learning more about… well, everything. Hopefully he could get some representation to his otherwise overlooked congregation there at any rate. In the particular backwater of Visten from which Marcus comes, they view the Way more like an elaborate method of spiritual medicine than anything worth believing in. It was founded on experiment, after all. Marcus’ own beliefs lie somewhere between pragmatic secularism, critical realism and absolute aspirationalism. Some members of the congregation don’t even see morality and Virtue as being quite the same thing (even if they are very similar), a view Marcus does not quite disagree with. Best to keep quiet about that in Anvil though. They can be quite touchy about their Doctrines over there. Whatever happens, Marcus is a curious priest by ideology, and will stick his friendly nose into almost anything that might increase his understanding. But the more he learns, the more he comes to fear that no matter how much knowledge he absorbs, it will never be enough to gain the respect of his family.


Anoint, hallow, consecrate, insight, testimony, exorcism, dedication.

Do you think this would be a good character to play in Empire? Sorry for all the priestly terminology involved, but the character is designed to have something to say in the Synod and an excuse to find game anywhere else.


You’ve mentioned the Net of the Heavens - are you planning a character in Urizen? Nation choice is a huge factor in characterisation and backstory, so it’s important to make sure your idea fits with your nation.

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Oh yes sorry, I forgot to mention, Marcus is from Redoubt, Urizen

Sounds fine, plenty of room for priests in Urizen.

The only minor quibble I have is that Visten doesn’t sound particularly Urizeni to my ear as a Spire name. that said it could easily be the Spire of [Something] at Visten or.of Visten Most spire names tend to be descriptive about some factor of the spire or its surroundings: "Echostorm Spire, The Lighthouse at Nikophorous, the Spire of the Celestial Cascade, etc.


Sounds good. There is a TON of game to be had as a priest because there are so many different views on every issue (and there are a lot of issues coming up every summit on the Synod board) In my brief stint as an Urizeni priest I found the national assembly, and the nation generally, a friendly group.


Visten is actually one of the example spires on the wiki, I think we as players have given our spires slightly more ostentatious names than we perhaps needed to!

The largest non-martial spire in the south-east [of Redoubt] is Visten, a port built around three soaring towers occupying a strip of land that plunges down to the sea. It brings produce from across the Empire to the southern spires.


Huh, okay will raise my hand to that… still sounds a little odd compared to the way spire names are described in the section on Urizeni naming but maybe that’s just me.

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Thanks for the advice everybody ^^. Since weighting this I’ve read up on some more about what the virtue of wisdom means so I have more to work with anyways (turns out it’s about how knowledge is applied…). I might also add another dimension where, due to the various dangers to Urizen from Druj and friends and people in Visten fearful that they’ll be next, Marcus might decide to go to Anvil to use what he knows already in order to help with the spiritual guidance of the Empire in this difficult time. The idea of finding new experiences as a way to improve wisdom and his understanding of the Way (and thus his preaching ability) might be more of a bonus…
But anyway, thanks again all XD