Character concept (family)

So, first off, I doubt I will be making it to an event until probably the summer event next year. So this is not a time bound thing. My Kids and I are planning on joining and thanks to all the feedback from my last thread, even my wife may come along :open_mouth:

Regardless, if anything else my high character concept is that we are from the Marchers, (lived in Oxfordshire before moving to Scotland so seems like a decent touchstone). Thinking of having been a forester serf type in Mournwald under the Jotun. My character is planning on having wanted the bring the children to be taught in the academy and have at least one of them become a landholder so we have some say going forward (I suspect my kids will do whatever they want but it’s the old man knows best role play I am thinking of here, we will see what actually happens closer to the time.) not sure if we would tap into the conflict in a roleplay way given their ages and whilst I am doing manly knitting (making my own chainmail Halberk thingy, I don’t know if we would even want to invest in armour and weapons initially given my background (healer and herbalist/apothecary).

Does this tone work? I can’t think of a reason that it wouldn’t however I thought I would throw it to the wisdom of the internet and the Empire forums specifically. 11 and 13 for info.

I’m not entirely familiar with the Marcher brief but that sounds pretty good to me. You may want to look at their facebook page, find a group to hang around with. I suspect there’s a few from Mournwold. That might also help in terms of costume ideas, as the Marcher families (towns?) tend to have some signature colours. And of course, the whole family is welcome!

As I understand it, the 11 and 13 year olds at the Academy definately have opportunities to jump into the combat in a small way (they get the more combative “field trips”) and even in a large way, if they are able to pass the citizenship tests…

Herbalist/apothecary is a good starting character: people will come to you for potions and the like, there is a guild of artisans and apothecaries, and you can usually do some trading of herbs and potions.

Bear in mind that every characters can wear armour, and every player can go monstering at the weekend, so even if your character doesn’t want to go to battle, YOU could certainly give it a try, in whatever level of clank you’ve knitted up :slight_smile:

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Cheers Geoffrey, apologies for the late reply, we had guests over the weekend an I hadn’t been able to get back online until this afternoon, the armour thing may be a little expensive to kit out the whole family if they aren’t sure they want to do it yet, so I don’t know if we can do a light scout role or similar.

Didn’t realise about the signature colours thing and avoid Facebook like the plague, hence asking on here. thanks for the info

The wiki is absolutely amazing for looking at colour and fabric pallettes if you’re avoiding Facebook.

(Especially since there’s some really nice shots of varying folks in full kit which is great for ‘oooo goals’)

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