Character death and rolling new pc's

Question on player ID codes?

Three of my group are ‘retiring’ thier characters through a downtime action resulting in the deaths of all three.

Will they keep the same Cid / Pid number or be given a new one?

The PID “XXXX” is tied to you, the player, and will remain the same indefinitely, barring obscure disaster/incompetence scenarios. They are assigened in order at point of first event booking - ie the smaller numbers are longer-term players. The same PIDs belonged to the same players at Maelstrom and at Odyssey.

The CID “XXXX.Y” is tied to your character, and will increment the “Y” value by one for each new character you play.


You are “John McPlayer”, PID 8848.
Your first character is “Sven Wintermarkerson”, CID 8848.1. Sven suffers a horrible accident involving butter and night magic, and is “retired”, as is the CID 8848.1.
You then create your new character, “Owain ap Navarri”. Owain is assigned CID 8848.2.

Apologies to whoever ends up actually owning PID 8848 in about 3 years time.


Great, comprehensive answer.

Easy to remember if you know that in PID and CID,
P = Player
C = Character

[quote=“Canashir”]Easy to remember if you know that in PID and CID,
P = Player
C = Character[/quote]

I had never put two and two together before this day. :open_mouth: :smiley:

On a related note - can I create another character for Empire while the current one is still ‘live’?

Im thinking i may very well not survive the E2 battlefield for IC reasons so could do with avoiding the crush in God!

Yes, I don’t know how many, but you can create backup characters. You can ask PD to activate once you retire or report the death of your character.