Character Death

John/Kaz asked for more posts. So.

I know after E1 and a couple of times after E2 last year, people either re-rolled their characters after realising what they’d originally intended wasn’t happening, or fell in battle and had to do something new. Reasonably, after only 1 or 2 events, those people staid in the same nation and group.

If the same happens in the coming year, particularly with death in battle, is it still reasonable to stay with the nation? Especially after getting all that kit together and so on. Perhaps change group and maybe lineage, but remain in Varushka?

I always think its up to the individual really, what they are most comfortable with. Some people are fine with jumping into a whole new group whereas others like to stick with friends and if everyone they know is in the same nation their options are limited. Reuse of kit is also important, though playing a virtually identical character would be confusing and weird of course, and might be viewed as just trying to play the same character as before. I would want to make a significant change myself, taking a lineage would be a start.

I can’t believe that anyone would have a problem with someone staying within the nation. Personally, I’d do my utmost to differentiate my new character from my old one and at least try and swap out a few iconic bits of kit.

I’d say it’s totally reasonable! Certainly if you’ve found a part of the game that you like, or you want to play with a particular group, then no-one’s going to begrudge you playing where you have the most fun. And with an aspirational game like Empire, the time and money that can go into a character’s kit can be quite an investment and starting from scratch can be intimidating if you weren’t planning on the extra expense.

On top of that, Empire’s a great system for playing a similar character in the same place - add or change lineage and/or a few small bits of kit, and you already have a different-looking character and a basis for roleplaying them differently without anything as drastic as a full nation change. Since the game is aspirational you can build on from there and maybe pick up some more differentiating bits and pieces at a later date.