Character mugshots

So, as someone who never goes to god, and is never ready before time in on Friday, I have managed not to get an official mugshot done yet.

Are these still needed, and if so when do we need to show up for them?

They help you get Letters via autumn magic and let PD plaster your face on the wiki if you get a position. (Presumably with the player’s permission)

They’re also nice portrait photos of you in your kit like this so it’s worth getting one.

The photographer is amazing and the photos are really good and you should get one just for vanity’s sake! :slight_smile:

I don’t know when she’s actually there and taking photos, though.

Best thing to do is to ask at God when you turn up and they should have a time when it’s being done and you can come back.

I believe they are required and at some point you may find that yourself not being able to pick up your character pack until you have it done.

They are certainly required for various divinations to work.

Technically speaking, they’re a requirement. You have to have a photo taken of your character for the database.

There’s a lot of practical reasons why they’re really helpful for you, and they basically all boil down to “we can find you easier”. Sometimes we might be trying to deliver a winged messenger. Other times a herald or NPC may be sent out to try to find you. Still other times we might be trying to find you to tell you your tent is breaking or something. In all of these cases, and many more, a reasonably current photo on the database will make the job of finding you on the field massively easier and quicker.

AIUI, there’s going to be a photographer in GOD for character photos next event, up until somewhere around midday Saturday or something - so please come down at some point and get a picture taken. More info will be available when you’re doing pack collection.

We’ll be making them a requirement for pack pickup at some point, probably this year. I would advise getting them done before then, it’ll be more convenient for you and us.

(I am not GOD staff, but I do deliver messages to players on the field quite regularly…)

On a related note, Having had my characters pic go up on the wiki, I find it most unflattering…How do i change the one you have on file for me!

To be fair, you’re forum name is “Leper king”… any photo in which your nose isn’t falling off has got to be a win, right? :smiley:

(Sorry, mild inebriation moment… also think my photo could be better, even if I don’t rate wiki yet. Plus it’s more of an issue with my face than the photo.)

I’ve never done a portrait; but my face has been on posters, and there was that photo of me as the cover photo for the Empire Facebook page… will I actually have anything on my character file given I’ve not done the mugshot specifically?

Almost certainly not. The fact that pictures of you exist and have been used is very unlikely to mean that whoever did that also thought “oh, I wonder if this cool-looking person has a mugshot on the database”, worked out who the photo was of, looked you up, found you didn’t, and uploaded one.

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Easiest thing is to take your favourite of those photos and email it in asking for it to be used as your character photo.

Aaand I failed to find an official photographer again, is the mugshot cropped from a photo taken in play an official way to get it sorted? I have plenty of those (assuming baby in shot is allowed :smiley: )

Should be fine - although it’s not my department :slight_smile: Send it in to and see what they say.