Character skill set run

Is this a good starting character skill set do you chums think for somebody hoping to send lots of messages and still be useful as a priest of the Way?

Magician (2 xp)
Autumn Lore (1)
Dedication (2)
Anointing (1)
Exorcism (1)
Insight (1)

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Look solid to me. PD will usually let you edit a new character’s skills after their first event anyway.

As your resource you will need to decide between Congregation (to be a Synod priest) or Mana Site/Fleet (to have mana for rituals)


Think where you want to go from this. You’ll have 1XP after your first event, and 2 after your third.

Getting one rank of ritual lore off an item is very expensive. Getting an extra priest skill is very cheap, and there are few cases where a bigger anointing is better. As you can’t Anoint people yourself, you get little out of it.

I would suggest:
Magician (2)
Autumn Lore 2 (3)
Dedication (2)
Insight (1)
Buy Exorcism after Event 1 if you don’t get an Icon for it. If you get an icon, buy Anointing, then Exorcism after E3.

If you start with Autumn 2, you get a lot more tools, and you pick up a new relevant skill after your first event. If you pick Anvil of Estavus, you also have a handy batlefield ability of “fix 5 broken weapons for 2 crystal mana”.

Icons are a magic item that costs 0 resources and 2 months of time. They take up your Weapon slot. They are cheap. Since Insight and Exorcism are key Plot Skills, there’s a fair few people who make Icons for them.

One minor cool benefit of a Priest of the Way is that the “Inspirational dreams” bit of Dedication lets you theme the dreams to ANY of the 7 Virtues. I’ve got great RP out of using that ability to be a wierd mystic.

Ok, thanks for the advice. I don’t want to be a battle mage though, rather a journalist type character. Being a magician means I can send messages for one crystal manner with Send Winged Messenger, use a rod as a weapon, and vote in Urizen (due to discriminatory ritual magic laws XD). However, I’ll probably focus more on being a priest than a magician. By having excorcise and annoint, although I won’t be able to annoint people, I will be able to remove evil auras from peeps. This combined with insight means I should be able to be of use to people and get lots of quotes and stories. If a rod is my weapon then I’m not sure I’ll be able to use an icon. You gotta be careful as a journalist, I might stray into all sorts of nasty scenarios. More skill points could maybe be spent on spells, or improving priestly skills if I want to help hallow some ground or give testimony to somebody. Or I could invest it in autumn lore, but without a mana site such things might prove tricky

By the way, how much does a rod cost and what low-level autumn rituals are there?

OC, rods will vary in cost depending on what you want and where you get it from. A full length staff costs around £120, while swords you’d be looking at between £40 and £80 normally. Sadly, my Google-fu fails me when trying to find mage rods specifically, hopefully someone who has bought one will come along and advise!

As for the Autumn rituals, a full list of them can be found on the wiki here.

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Thanks ^^. I might skip on the rod and have an icon instead unless I can find a fairly cheap one.

I think you are making a lot of assumptions about how many malign auras there are on the field. All your skills require someone else to provide your PC with game, rather than being proactive. Most people with reason to send Winged Messengers will already have someone they trust not to read their post :stuck_out_tongue: . So having a greater selection of rituals you want to do, or a priest skill you can use proactively, means you can always go “I’m going to make something happen now”.

I’ve been heavily involved in the Supernatural Bullshit game for three years, and in that time, the vast majority of haunted stuff has either been either items, or on quests (Wraiths are common. Wraiths are VERY FIGHTY). There have been other things, but you need to be in the right place at the right time, and that’s largely luck or following a plot. It’s not under your control.

Whereas there’s a hell of a lot of reasons people need an Anointing as a source of spiritual strength (most commonly “we’re fighting Druj and the whole battle’s in a fear aura”) Anointing will give you many, many more interactions if you pick a Virtue. As a new player, a Virtue also gives you a solid set of moral arguments to do things and rouse others to do that sort of thing. Anointing lets you provide game to other people and yourself, rather than waiting for Plot to present itself.

Icons take up your Magic Weapon slot, and just mean you can’t have a special weapon made by an Artisan. You can have any number of basic melee weapons or rods, but you can only get the benefit from one magic one at a time.

If this is your first larp, I’d strongly recommend getting hold of a simple one handed sword that you like the feel of, rather than a rod. Rods are only of use if you’re going to cast offensive spells, which since you’re not a battlemage, you aren’t likely to do much. Anyone can fight with a one-handed weapon up to 42" long, and a sword will work for all your future PCs.


Ok, thanks. What would you recommend in that case for a journalistic type character hoping to get involved in as much plot none-sense as possible?

By the way, is that limit in centimetres or inches?

You can also use your sword when monstering, PD generally don’t have spares to lend out.

I can also say annointing gave me some of my best game, as it lets you provide aid and succor to the needy by giving them a kick in their virtue pants following some virtuous counsel :slight_smile:. Also it’s a funny thing but it’s suprising what people are capable of once they’ve been given permission and annointing is perfect for that.

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Ok, thanks for the knowhow. What about this in that case for a different character skill set, this time to a dedicated Priest:

Dedication (2)
Consecration (1)
Hallow (1)
Anointment (1)
Exorcism (1)
Testimony (1)
Insight (1)

As well as, optionally;

The Icon of the Judge (excommunicate)
Sword of Swiping

Would that give me plenty of plot scope and whatnot?

Yeah, if you take the Congregation Resource too that will get your rite of witness + the ability to vote in the Synod which is full of fun stuff. I heartily recommend it. Also full priest in Urizen isn’t particularly common, so you’ll have plenty of game to play with :slight_smile:.

If you’re going for combat you can probably get a Summer buff from covens in Urizen to help you be slightly less squishy :). Or drop 3 points and get some hero points and a heroic skill of some kind. Then gradually build up your priest stuff.

Also if you go full priest you can side-eye all those half-hearted priest-wizards who don’t have ALL THE VIRTUE ALL THE TIME as their Arete and get distracted with the worldly concerns of magical pandering. You know. If you want to cause notoriety. For whatever reason.

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Ooh yeah XD thanks for the suggestions mod info. Any recommendations on Priestly Virtues? I could go for Pride and be a libertarian? Or Vigilance and be a paranoid priest type

Urizen Pride Priest Shivers (Ask about this IC)

But play what you want Redoubt Pride priests have a little bonus if they take a congregation, I belive but theres lots to chose from,

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Ok thanks, I’ll ask about that IC. Has anyone thought of expanding the whole pride virtue theology btw? It seems at the moment to mean “We’re the best and everybody else sucks” according to the wiki.

I believe the answer to that can be found by:
1: Bracing yourself.
2: Asking a Pride priest what they think about that rather simple interpretation.
3: Continue bracing thyself.

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How about an interpretation where the beginnings of the virtue start out as self-centred, but when developed and combined with other Aspects of the Way, people following this virtue learn to empathise with what other people have to be proud about themselves. In this way, you could argue that a fully developed follower of this virtue would be the most selfless, because they are confident enough in themselves not to need self-gratification and they can see the good in others as they can see it in themselves