Cheap Apothecary Accessories/ Throwing Potions/ Metal Bracers

What can people recommend to make my costume pop? As a side note are throwable potions, as in potions that when hit with deal that potiobs effects, a thing and does anyone have any unused/old platemail bracers for sale?

Throwable potions? Do you mean disposable props?

You will have a potion card that you rip to use. This can then be thrown away (responsibly in a bin later!) and the prop that it was attached to can be reused, if that’s helpful?

I’d recommend against anything that you want to physically throw away on the battlefield just because of litter.

I meant like a throwing knife, but its a potion

No. Empire is fairly consistent that there are no calls/variable effects on anything further away than the reach of a polearm.

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Potions are like medicene, they work by getting into the bloodstream, if I had an IC syringe could I stab people with it and deliver a poison?

probably no, Potions work as described either rubbed on the skin or swallowed. They’re not deliverable by blow, unlike blade venoms.

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Would blade venoms on throwing knives work

Nope, Blade Venoms specify Melee weapons.

As I say Empire specifically doesn’t want you having calls on ranged weapons because of the problems ranged calls can represent. and's_Gate might give you more of an idea.

Just trying to find a more efficient way to administer poisons, for research purposes of course, what would you recommend?

Spears are good, they’ve got reach and tend to be stabsafe for ease of striking.

Daggers are concealable and rarely noticed.

Swords balance the two benefits and are fairly common.

It’s either stuff you eat or drink, Legacy of Thorns blade venoms which will cause either Weakness or Venom conditions or you go with magic and a get yourself a mage staff so you can do weakness, venom, paralyse and the like.

But no I understand it’s a design thing that arrows and Impale are as far as it goes for ranged effects, anything else thrown will only do single.

Being a poisoner in Empire isn’t the most fun thing in the world as you have a lot of apothecaries with the antidotes around kicking their heels and they’re all over any suspected case of poisoning before you can blink :slight_smile: .

Although I do look forward to the day when someone uses both Winter Moon poisons on someone in an enclosed space like the senate :slight_smile:.

I have a few ideas but in all likelihood they’ll never come to fruition

Many people have plans. The people who are likely to be able to pull them off are not the people who announce them on public forums.

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Stealth is optional