Child wants a kite shield

As my son’s reward he really wants a larp kite shield and is prepared to earn it. I know as a child aged 7, he can’t have the skill to use shields bigger than a buckler, and I don’t have the shield skill so he can’t apprentice it from me.

However, the skill is to use it effectively, and he isn’t going into battle, so would it be okay for him to carry it, but not know how to really use it while fighting unless someone is there to show him?

He will want to use it fencing in the Academy fighting area.

Our kids had mini versions of our group kite shields. they’re approximately buckler size at the top, but bigger due to the point. The kids had a ball with them!

Children who haven’t passed their citizenship don’t really have to obey the weapons rules, as the rest of the player base is fully aware they aren’t real fighters due to their size, it’s more what they can manage and be safe with (both for the weapon’s longevity as much as theirs or their opponents).


As long as he know that he can’t use it from a rules point of view - like a wooden staff - then he can carry it around. Same as non-archers practicing archery, but not ever using a bow in combat.

Drop PD a line to double check, would be my advice, but my interpretation is as long as he makes it clear in a combat situation that he can’t use it (I’d drop it on the ground) then he can carry it around.

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