Choice of Foot ware?

I was planning on wearing my old army boots, normal worn for airsoft or apocalypse larp. They are a little battered, but keep my ankles safe and supported.
Is in character foot ware important or does empire support the roleplay stops at the ankles approach?

Anvil is a muddy, uneven-grounded place where fashion ends at the knee and your boots will not look out of place.

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Awesome, thanks

Sounds perfect to me, a lot of people wear army style boots and that ankle support is SUPER important in the uneven terrain of the woods.
Always worth noting that the only “illegal” footwear is modern trainers, per the wiki:

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I used army boots for years, they’re fine and do the job. No one will complain and a big chunk of the field will wear them too.

If you want a cheap way to make them look cooler search for “Swiss Army leather gaiter” on EBay and you’ll find these. They also are very handy at keeping mud off the boots :).

They look great as well. Have to see if I can get the all clear from the boss. I’m trying to keep costs down, but they look like a must have :grinning:

I use brown steel toe capped boots to protect my pinkies in the many crushes that occur on the feild!

I have 3 -
Brown-leather looking sandals. When it’s hot the trousers get mde ito 3/4 length and it’s flippy floppy time.
Black workboots, fairly generic looking - For medium weather, like the last event. Might be a bit wet, and a little mucky.
Black rubber wellies - for when it’s muddy and swampy. Black makes them fairly unnoticeable.

What I’m getting, as I’m starting to do the footwear debate is:

  • Get something with a re-enforced toe and is easy to clean off- something like wellies or horse boots designed for yard, not presentation
  • Get something for ‘cold, but not too wet’ - boots/rigger boots/etc
  • If you’re of the stripe that anything dry and over 10C is too hot for closed toe shoes: Chunky walking sandals

Is that the accurate summation of ‘shoes to take to Empire’?

(Oh, and if you’re mad and like going running before IC is called: Running shoes?)

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You can do Empire with just a pair of para boots, most of them will be waterproof enough and you won’t run into anything that needs a re-enforced toe. I got by with para boots for many years, you just need to remember to change your socks if you get too sweaty.

But a pair of IC looking sandals wouldn’t go amiss if it’s looking hot.

In all senses of the word :smiley: