Choosing a name

I chose this first name (Mayo) simply because my real life middle name is May and May in Spanish is Mayo (apparently "Freeborn names are primarily Spanish/Mexican in flavour") . It says here ( … ast_people ) though that;

“The people of the Brass Coast are divided into three great tribes descended from the families of the three founders, named the Erigo, the Riqueza and the Guerra.”

Followed by;

“Each tribe is composed of a great number of extended families.”


“Freeborn typically have three names. The first is their given name as decided by their parents and can be as creative or as bland as their imagination. The second is their family name and the last name is that of the tribe - one of the Erigo, the Riqueza or the Guerra.
Freeborn names follow the pattern “firstname” i “family” i “tribe”.”


  1. As far as i’m aware there isn’t any information on the 3 founding families (Erigo, the Riqueza and the Guerra) so how do you know which one is best suited for you to chose as your lineage (or does it not matter)?
  2. Is the “i” between the names pronounced “Eye” or “Ee”?
  3. Whats the deal with family names? How do you join a family (or do you have to create or makeup your own)?

in character my name is: Zanterr i Ezmara i Erigo,

you pronounce it: Zanterr Ezmara Erigo the i’s are silent.

first name Zanterr, basically what I wanted to be called

second name Ezmara, this is my family/ group name, my character is a member of House Ezmara

last name Erigo, basically one of the three tribe, the main differences between these are the magical traditions and posibbly some slight role-play maybe.

in terms of family you can either make up your own or join a existing group or even reject a family all together and become a Hakima or Kohan.

Ok cool- thanks for the info DrunkenCorsair. How did you find your family name Ezmara (who was the one who came up with the name and how do you join a family?).

I pronounce the i like “ih” or sometimes “ee”. And I use all of it except some out of nation person is looking at me in horror at the length of my name ( “… but Oria is fine…” )

Family is usually the name of your group, most Brass Coast groupings are meant to be family-based as family comes first and you would never freely give yourself over to anyone who wasn’t family. Unless you join a Kohan or Hakima which is basically giving yourself to the nation.

And tribe is mostly a matter of style. :slight_smile: Do you drum, sing or play with fire?

joined the group before the first event, basically I didn’t know anyone while looking for a group after deciding which nation to join, got a invite from one person the then group leader and that was it, not a lot of help am afraid.

to get a family name either make up your own in which case go wild

or ask to join a existing one either you can ask ooc if you want to turn up already with a group and I believe we have a list of groups on the facebook page who are welcoming new members or turn up and visit them at a event and see what they are like and who you get on with. :slight_smile:

depending on your archtype there is also a option of not having a family name, Kohan and Hakima who basically serve the nation as a whole or a particular tribe out of the three so have forsworn their family’s.