Coach Travel from Birmingham to E2 2022

Empire LRP E2 Birmingham Coach
From University of Birmingham (North Gate) to Dadford Campsite on Thursday 9th June at approx 3/3.30pm
From Dadford Campsite to University of Birmingham (North Gate) Sunday 12th June at approx 5.30/6pm
[I asked if we could load up at the train station but unfortunately that is not permitted]
Pre-trip Schedule: On Thursday 27th May I will send an email to all signups confirming if we have hit minimum viability. This is to give everyone 2 weeks notice if we can’t put on the trip to make alternate arrangements. If viability has been reached, the email will instead include payment details and final confirmation of times. If I cannot have payment confirmed online by the day before (Weds 8th) or be provided the payment on the day, I will not be able to let the unpaid individual onto the coach.
Ticket price each way will be £20, for a total of £40 for both rides. If we get sufficiently many signups, there is a possibility of lowering the price to £15 per person per journey.
The personal information asked for on this form will be accessed exclusively by myself (Thomas Gerrish) and my partner (Pippa Chilvers) (IC Names Ematius & Fausta Ankarien).
I wish to make it clear that I (Thomas Gerrish) am the sole organiser for this coach arrangement, and there is no official affiliation between me and either The University of Birmingham, its LARP Society or Profound Decisions. That said, I expect everyone to be abiding by the Profound Decisions Code of Conduct for the duration of the trip, which you can read here:
If you have any queries, please contact us (Thomas Gerrish/Pippa Chilvers) via Facebook or Discord.
Signup Form: