Combat Practice Sessions at E1

Nick’s just posted this over on the Player Support FB group:

Hi all,

As part of the player support and new player introduction to Empire on Friday afternoon I will be running two sessions introducing the basics of LARP combat and combat at Empire. These will be at 1pm and 4pm.

They will include a brief rundown of the combat rules, how battles work, safety in combat, cinematic roleplay in combat, and some pointers on how to fight safely. We will also cover archery and ranged combat as well.

These 30-45 minute sessions will be useful if you haven’t fought in LARP before. Even if you have experience they will be useful to get your head around the Empire ruleset and style, so I encourage you to come along. They will be held on the Skirmish field, beyond the Sentinel gate (top end of the field and easy to find).

Please come along with your weapons and questions. If you haven’t bought weapons yet don’t worry, we will have a few around and can advise you on what you may want to purchase :slight_smile:

Further to this at 3pm, the skirmish team will run a small battle for new players to get used to their character and the combat system. This will be held on the Skirmish field, beyond the Sentinel gate.

I look forward to seeing you in a field.

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So there is an Introduction to Larp Combat session at 1pm, a small battle to practise skills at 3pm, and another Introduction to Larp Combat at 4pm. Would it not make more sense to have both Introduction sessions before the small battle, so everyone can try out their skills/character/combat system, or is that not feasible? I’m just a little puzzled about why you would have a ‘rules’ session after the practise session, and not before. Otherwise, it sounds great, and thank you very much for running this. :heart:

P.S. I don’t mean to criticise, I just can’t quite wrap my head around the logic of practising before you have had the introduction. I am confused. Very grateful that you are running this, but confused.

I believe there are multiple intro sessions for people who can only make one of those times.


So as a new player, you would turn up at the 1pm Introduction Session if you want to practise your skills in the 3pm Battle, otherwise you would just review the rules at the 4pm session (or something like that)? That makes more sense - thank you for clarifying! :heart: