Combat question

I was wondering if disarming other people while in battle is aloud for example if your using an axe to fight someone using a sword is it possible to hook the sword out of there hand? I’ve checked the wiki and couldn’t find anything any help will be great

I think it comes under the same general rules as flails, if your weapon binds detach if possible, drop if not. trying to disarm with a weapon might damage either the weapon disarming or the weapon being disarmed. Which leaving aside the price issue for repairs may render the weapon unsafe.


As Ricohard says, doing it intentionally is likely to damage your weapon, their weapon, or both. And those things get expensive.

There is no “DISARM” call in this system, so there’s no way of doing it by the rules.

You could, in theory, do so using hard skills (ie, a pattern of carefully placed blows to knock your opponents weapon out of their hand) but if you’ve the skill to do that, you may as well just call sufficient damage to beat them anyway.

I did a thing recently where (as a orc) I caught a deathblow under one arm, folded the arm down on it, grabbed at the blade, and fell over backwards, dragging the Imperial sword out of it;s wielders hand as I fell backwards. As I was informed afterwards, this (1) looks cool, and (2) is against the safety rules [dragging stuff off people] and (3) could have damaged the sword, as I was functionally falling onto it.

Alas, [rule of safety] trumps [rule of cool] in this system, which I can’t really complain about…


It might be worth taking a thorough look through the Event Safety page, as it describes some of the unsafe actions. I’m not sure it’s explicit about hooking weapons, but it does say both of these things:

The best way to get a weapon out of an opponent’s hands in this game is to either SHATTER the weapon or CLEAVE/IMPALE the arm that holds it.


you can hook shields down, but weapons are a no no.
use hero calls to get a similar result