Come to the fayre (swords in the summer sun)
[size=200]COME TO THE FAYRE[/size]

Come one! Come all! Come to the Fayre!

Visit the Marches camp this Saturday* to enjoy a traditional Marcher summer fayre!

Try your hand at Ring Toss, Rollling pin throwing, Splat the Rat and other games of skill!

Take in the Mummer’s play and magic show, and stay to join in the traditional dances!

Win prizes on the Tom-Boar-la, or the apple bobbing, or get a glimpse of your future fate with the fortune tellers.

Keep the tiny heroes of Anvil occupied with face painting, games and lots of sugar!

There’s plenty of fun to enjoy for just a ring or two and all money raised will be spent on a good work agreed by the Marcher citizens. Last year, we raised several thrones which was put towards the new Marcher Army protecting the Empire! This year we hope to raise even more - and have a fine old time doing it!


“You might win a frog at the Lucky Dip. This is considered as a good prize in the Marches…” - Vigo Orlando Scarlatti de Sarvos

The sun is high, and so are spirits in the Empire! This Summer Solstice, the people of the Marches are bringing their traditional Summer Fayre to Anvil and everyone’s invited! Bring some rings and relax a little. What could go wrong?

If you do get pickpocketed, I would like to remind everyone that Hamnett of Gallowdale is currently still Bailiff of the Grand Market and has a big stick to prove it. I’m sure you won’t get pickpocketed. But it’s always good to know who to talk to.

“The Marches Summer Fair! See all the sights and join in the fun on the one day of the year when we probably Won’t tell you to Get of our Land” - Robin Longshanks, The Cullach

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  • I just realised this was a little misleading without context - the Saturday of the Summer Solstice.

Picture and main text from the always cheerful Lauren Owen, butchered and graffiti’d by yr hmbl scholar