Commerce mage questions

I was mindful of putting too many questions on hear but you all seem to love talking about the game so here we go.

I’m building my character Dylan (Navarr Broker Magician) to be a commerce mage. He has 2 ranks in Autumn Lore and 1 in Spring. This means that he can do the baseline cast of Blessings of the New Spring and do up to 3 businesses worth of Streams of Silver without even needing a coven but will be looking for a commerce coven in September.

My question…

How difficult is it to find 3 businesses in the same territory?

The ritual is more efficient if I can do 3 people for 2 gems. Dylan is less interested in profit and more interested in making contacts (as the Navarr pages suggest for Brokers) but I would like to be effective. I presume I can get the information from the Bourse or something?

My second question is how common are commerce mages? Am I adding to an excess?

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Your best bet for businesses all in the same region is the League - their senatorial voting is based on the size of people’s businesses. Otherwise, there will be some scattered around, but finding them will require some footwork. This is not necessarily a bad thing as it gets you around the nations, and you often find that once a group has found a reliable coven to enchant their resource, they’ll keep going back to that one.

As for actual commerce mages, it’s impossible to say. Trade is a BIG part of the game at Empire, so some mages will dabble in it, some won’t, and the level they do will vary. Some will focus on enchanting other resources, which is another form of commerce. Essentially, you won’t be adding to an excess, but you also won’t be the only one focusing on it. There’s definitely more than enough to go around though!

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I mean you’ll need to use a lot of shoe leather to find customers on the field, but that also gets yourself out there. I can recommend having a cool IC business card (with your ooc details on the back, on in small writing on the front), it helps people remember you if nothing else. (To show off a little :slight_smile: )

I don’t know how common you’d be in Navarr, like @Triska says the League yes but elsewhere? So go for it and remember you can complete swap skills, rituals and resources about after your first game :slight_smile: .

Also these great works encourage businesses in certain territories, that’s IC information that anyone can have as anything on the wiki is “general knowledge”. So that’s a place to start.

The Blood Red Roads - Temschwar, Sarvos, Tassarto, Holberg, Casinea, Astolat, Semmerholm, Upwold, Hahnmark, Miaren, Karov, Madruga
The Colossus of Sarvos
College of the Liberated
Holmauer Park
Lorenzo’s Great Game
“Little Mournwold”
The Towers of Anduz


Those IC resources are a great start l.

As you say the shoe leather price is part of the fun for me. I’m striding boy after all. Meeting people and building a network will be a constant supply of RP. Brokering by connecting covens with customers will definitely be my Golden Pyramid element coming through.

“I can only do that for 3 businesses friend. For your fleets I do have a group I can introduce you to…”


I also love the business card idea. We used business cards to make mini Tarot cards advertising our Twitch stream at a con. I can ask our artists to come up with something I’m sure.


Doing something collectible, like a set of different ones could be fun :thinking:.


Collect a stamp for every ritual you get - collect 5 and your 6th ritual is free! :rofl: