Common Knowledge of Boggarts?

What common knowledge is there about boggarts? I’ve read the “Boggarts in Merrow” wiki page which gives some bits and pieces, but I’m looking for detail actual about them as creatures, such as what they look like (are they humanoid?), can they speak, do they come in other realm flavours, etc. The actual “boggarts” page, though linked on the “Boggarts in Merrow” page, is sadly empty.

I think you need to talk to the Academy about that, as they seem to be the ones who usually deal with boggarts as far as i am aware.

I have been a boggart, so they are definitely humanoid!

Physical description: they have purple skin and wear black robes.

I have no idea how much of the rest of the brief is public knowledge, but they are mischievous and tied heavily to Academy (youth) plot.

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Boggarts are, to my understanding, not so much a species as they are a classification. They are basically the lowest class of realm dwelling being, They do come i believe from other realms but they are less commonly encountered.

As to form, the Night Boggarts (which seem to be one of the more commonly encountered) are shapeshifters and are capable of a humanoid form though they apparently retain animalistic intelligence


The Boggarts in Merrow page says “Swarms of Boggarts are a known phenomenon” so I assumed that we’d all have some basic knowledge of them.

The answer is basically ‘yes’ though - ‘boggart’ is just the name for ‘Realm-aligned Thing which is not big or smart enough to be a Herald’. So they might be basically anything - tufts of ambulatory poisonous moss, Wrong Parrots, scuttling lizard creatures that eat mana… all kinds of stuff.


@ChessyPig @Ricohard I see - I assumed it was a specific creature, rather than a classification of sorts. That’s very helpful, thank you!

I think Andy raff described it once as: The analogy for Boggart isn’t ‘rat’ it’s ‘Vermin’


So, sometimes they show up at player events to my knowledge - there were a couple being IC nuisances at King’s Stoke Wassail, a Marcher player event. Some PCs went after them with brooms (and mage staffs) to try and clear them away from an IC area! Extrapolating from that, they can manifest as sort of humanoid and goblin-like. The one I met was mostly non-verbal, but could speak a little, mostly repeated words…

So IC, you could conceivably have heard of incidents like this I guess…

Pretty sure the academy has had several quests through the Gate to deal with minor Boggart infestations, many of which have been humanoid size and shaped. Other boggart traps made and set around Anvil are clearly for smaller creatures.

Anyone at a particular Conclave gathering in the latter half of last year will have ‘fond’ memories of a particular type of diminutive boggart from a Realm other than Night making their presence known to the collected magicians :smiley:

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I go to Conclave, but missed E4 so I assume it happened then. Sucks that I missed it!

I understand they needed to go and get the Children of the Academy to save the Conclave :slight_smile:.

Aww, now I’m really bummed I missed it! That must have been great :smiley: