Communal Fireplace for Brass Coast

From Will Power:
“I have commissioned the wonderful Phil Rayner to make our ship shaped fire pit. Obviously the actual amount is more than the £100 we made from the banquet. Any further donations gratefully received. PayPal to

Any chance on seeing a rough design? I’m curious as to exactly how awesome this will be!

How much more money is needed?

A design was posted to the FB group. Hopefully this will work: … rT3cnk8jmq

[quote=“Battlehamster”]A design was posted to the FB group. Hopefully this will work: … rT3cnk8jmq[/quote]

I think only members can see that. You might be able to download it and post it? I’d love to see the design… :slight_smile:

It works fine for me when I’m not logged into Facebook so I’m hoping it’s ok.

That should work for you?

Is the base solid ? It appears to be.

OOOO!!! I like that!!

It’s a boat shaped dream come true.

blows off some heavy dust from the thread

Is this still being used? Do we have a communal fire pit area? :smiley:

The pit was definitely commissioned and exists! I have been away from the Coast for a couple of years now though so I don’t know how often it is used these days.

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Ah that’s a shame. It would be nice to see the nation all sat round together. Still. If it’s not anchored in a communal area anymore, maybe it could be again. I’ve always found fireplace gatherings the heart of campsite bonding :smiley:

The fire pit suffered terribly a couple of years back - the of the legs fell off and it was practically rusted through. It has been repaired since, and it has scuttled around between the odd camp (Krakenfire had it for a while, purely on the basis of ‘if you fetch it from storage/where you saw it in Highguard, you can use it’). It doesn’t especially get used as a focal point of a communal area, but it has been used as a part of various national celebrations that have involved fire.

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Ah that’s sad news. It sounds like a work of art.
Thanks for that.
I’ll add to my personal goals the communal gathering of the coast round a fire :fire:

I must have skimmed over that section. Thanks for highlighting that for me.
I can see your point and it does make a kind of sense. Hrmm. Something to think on.