Communicating with Foreigners/Barbarians


I wanted to find out if it was possible (and how) to be able to send actual objects to particular foreigners in their nations and/or barbarians (that we have a name and location of) I know of one ritual that lets you send letters, but is it possible to send an actual physical object?

AFAIK, you have to deliver these things during uptime either by a representative or through the gate (and though a person can’t “teleport” using a chamber, maybe an object can if you deliver it).

It may be possible to make an Arcane Projection to do this, but it may be noped by PD on grounds of wanting to save as much stuff for uptime as possible.

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Call Winged Messenger explicitly only works on specially prepared letters, but it’s conceivable that a different Autumn ritual could be devised to send more than just letters.

Opportunities sometimes exist for people to send resources or objects - such as the recent opportunity for any PC to send resources to the Asavean Uprising by emailing PD. Ambassadors sometimes get specific opportunities like this in their briefings each event.

But as far as standard options exist - no, there’s no way to send an object to a distant NPC via magic or similar - at least not in Imperial Lore.

Is it okay to ask what object you wanted to send and to whom?