Compiled Election Results from E4-13

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Imperial Position results from The Autumn Equinox (E4-13)

Kharaman (Brass Coast) – the incumbent remains
Semmerholm (Dawn) – the incumbent remains
Casinea (Highguard) – Zephram of Cantiarch’s Hold
Tassato (League) - Cesare Sanguineo Rezia Di Tassato
Upwod (Marcher) – Henry Ward
Therunin (Navarr) - Caerwyn
Morrow (Urizen) – Lucius of Quicksilver Spire
Volodmartz (Varushka) – Valentin Ivarovich Severy
Hahnmark (Wintermark) – the incumbent remains
Skarsind (Wintermark)
- Triva of Tyrshalt

** This new position will be next up for election at The Spring Equinox*

Fire of the South (Brass Coast) – Anwar i Covas i Erigo
Eastern Sky (Dawn) – the incumbent remains
Seventh Wave (Highguard) - the incumbent remains
Wolves of War (League) – Gabriael Brossa
Bounders (Marcher) - the incumbent remains
Quiet Step (Navarr) - Gwai

Four of the Orders held confidence in their Grandmasters; two thus held new elections:
Golden Pyramid: Edmundo I Jannat I Riqueza
Shuttered Lantern: Dimitri Ivanovich Ionescu

Conclave Bursar: Iago Melfizzi

The Warmage position has been vacated by the death of Septima of Shatterspire towards the end of The Autumn Equinox and new elections will be held at the start of The Winter Solstice.

The allocation of the Bourse position in Skarsind by the Senate during The Autumn Equinox was vetoed by The General Assembly of the Synod and hence no one could be appointed to the position. Its allocation is now waiting for a standard Senate motion to be raised (which can occur no earlier than the Saturday evening senate session of The Winter Solstice).

Imperial Orc senate observer: Kessek

Previous spelling mistake corrections:
Hahnmark (Wintermark) senator is Hengest Dun
Morrow (Urizen) senator was Ioseph

You’ve missed out one Conclave election result; Darius of the Auric Horizon is the new Archmage of Day.

The General of the Wolves at War is Gabriel Barossa, for the record…

Well, if we’re correcting names, then it’s Irontide Kessek. :sunglasses:

I’m not sure I should accept name correcting on here as it should be done IC at an event - :laughing:

Okay - both spelling mistakes now in the PD pipeline to be sorted…

Plus Conclave one - thanks