Completely New Player Seeking... Everything

Hey guys,
I literally just found Empire but am not completely new to LARP, I went to a few during secondary school but none of this scale, I am 18 now. (If that helps)
In general I am seeking advice in every aspect of the game, that I can’t find on the wiki (Links to the wiki are also helpful). I am thinking about attending my first event within this year, but having to create a character as well as costume first. I am thinking about a ‘performer’ type character, almost busking but more jovial jester themes, not mainly combat but can handle themself. Wondering about which Nation is best suited, Tents (Where you can pitch and other knowledge), What to wear/bring, Sub-groups to join as well as any other knowledge that can be shared. Also any RP help, although I’m “good” at heavy RP and enjoy it, I would like to know how to “make friends” but more so be approachable.
Many thanks,

Hi And Welcome to Empire,

that’s a lot of questions and I’ll do my best to answer some! I’m in the League and have a bias toward directing people our way. I think you might fit well as a Cicisbeo. They are first and foremost entertainers, but they know how to duel not just with swords but with wit as well, they are paid for their company and like everyone in The League expect to be paid well. It is also a unisex role, there is no gender discrimination in Empire, girls can get just as far as boys in any game you want to play.

I highly recommend joining the Facebook groups and asking people there. as for Costume this should help:

There is a mine of information in the Wiki which can be hard to understand or find sometimes.

With E2 just a few weeks away it may not be enough time for you to ‘feel ready’ but you would be very welcome. There is a New Player meeting at the start of every event where you meet other new (and some experienced) players. People LOVE to talk about their nation and lineage and the kind of game they are playing so going around and meeting people is great, you can always kill off that character if you think you’ve found something else you like.

As for camping, there is In Character (IC) and out of Character (OCC) as well as a quieter camp and one for people with various needs. If you Camp IC you will need a tent that fits the look of Anvil which is generally Canvas, however it can be expensive to buy. OCC means you aren’t in the middle of the action, but if you don’t drive its far easier to travel light with modern equipment.

What the wear… LAYERS! they are your friend and can really help with kit and warmth (it gets very cold at night) have a look at UK LARP Kit on FB or if your thinking of making your own, Costume Froth.

I think I covered most bases there… oh and watch this video! Empire LRP: Welcome to Empire - YouTube


Thanks for the reply!
I’ve been looking at the wiki and have read about imperial orcs and think that they’d be a fun check character to play. But I was wondering, does each nation have a set place for It camping? Might be a stupid question but, if it’s not asked it won’t be answered.
Many thanks,

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Oh yes, the in-character field is divided by nation, with the Imperial bits (pub, senate etc), traders, and other things interspersed.

So the Navarri are mostly in the woods, the Imperial Orcs next to them. The Urizen (the mageocracy) tends to camp out by the Magical Circle of Ominous Rocks, and so on.

Where the nations are camped is determined by the PD staff, where groups camp within the nations is often decided in advance on facebook by the players of those nations, as playing tetris with great big tents on site is tricky.

This results in reasonably distinct national camps, nudging companiably into each other at the edges, with walkways, (ambulance access ways), roads, and so on.

The Imperial Orcs do have to have masks, I’m not sure how you’d get one in a hurry…

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People sell orc masks in a field, and you’d probably be able to customise on the spot.

Be aware that a weekend in the orc mask, plus the orc brief being a bit of a weighty one (on account of orcs having some distinct psychological differences from humans!), can be fairly demanding. If you’re confident it’s what you’re after, it can be great fun (including for someone new to Empire), but I wouldn’t recommend it as an easy starter option.

Happy to answer any specific questions you have, though some of them might be “um, not sure.” :wink:

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Performer wise there are a few Nations with some archetypes which lend themselves well to that sort of thing.

Check out Dramaturgy as a thing, it’s a way of casting magic rituals via small theatrical turns in the ritual circle.

Using that you have Troupes and Mountebanks in the League, one being powerful theatre troupes the other being street mages, but both use performance magic.

In the Marches you have Mummers who perform plays and the like at fairs, markets and other regular gatherings.

In Dawn you have Guisers where Yeofolk use Dramaturgy and the Dawnish Hearth Magic of girding to do their magic.

Also you have the Brass Coast Hakima who do a lot of music and dance in their rituals which might suit you.

But you can use Dramaturgy or other kind of performance in magical rituals in any nation, just these are the ones who are better known for it.

Hope that helps.

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Anvil itself tends to be quite safe. There are no wandering monsters, or camp raids. The worst it gets is a spate of muggings and the occasional knife in the back.

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Like @LisbetDeGroot said costume depends on which nation you fancy playing in so have a read of the different Nations and see what appeals. Then ask us for some tips when you know which Nation you want to play.

Camping wise you can camp with modern tents in the OOC camp, the site map is here but if you’ve got a tent that could go on the IC field you’ll need to get in touch with the camp planners who will have a thread going on the national FB groups. But don’t worry if you don’t have an IC tent, it’s not needed to have fun, just handy :slight_smile:.

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Busking feels very Leaguish to me, the Moutebanks linked to before are basically an archetype of busker.

On the flip side Dawn has the courtly trappings that if you wanted to go down the Court Jester route it would fit with aesthetic,

If you don’t want to go the magic route, Dawn also has performing Troubadors (which are a performance based Priests*) some of which have an association with Guising groups (and thus performance.)
If you think you could pull it off, a “Wise Fool” type character would make an amazing Troubador.

  • There may be other priest archetypes that have a performance connection but it’s a bit of the game I am less familiar with.
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You could do the mountebank brief as a bravo. I dont believe there is anything that states they must be magic.

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The Mountebank archetype specifically is a kind of roguish dramaturgical magician; a similar roguish street performer with no magic would be cool, but I think calling it a mountebank would cause confusion.


Once you’ve chosen a nation then you can look into the existing groups with in it: the guilds, families, halls, troupes, churches and suchlike, depending on the nation.

Some groups cut across nations though: for example, a few I know about are

  • The Three Refrains which is for bards/entertainers who have access to a store of folk-memories.
  • Anvil Hospital (if your character has apothecary or healing skills)
  • Conclave (the legislative/political Imperial body that deals with magical matters, and is open to all magicians)
  • Synod (the equivalent for priests, i.e. characters with “Congregation” as personal-resource)

Those all have their own wiki pages.

Others have written about this sort of thing in other threads (this is why a StackExchange-style Q&A system would be nice) but:

  • Find important/busy people and ask if they need any help
  • Ask people questions in general, especially about themselves and what they’re doing, and maybe what they think about the IC news in the “Winds of War” and “Winds of Fortune” from the Wiki… and if they don’t know about the news, you can be the one to tell them!
  • In the evenings there tend to be a lot of fires with people sitting around them talking, singing, telling stories etc., mostly welcoming to (almost) anyone who turns up (especially if you have a drink to share).
  • Tell people you’re new to Anvil, and they’re likely to be helpful.

Agreed, but given the reputation of mountebanks I don’t think people refer to themselves as mountebanks anyway.
They want to seem trustworthy, after all.
And one of a mountebank’s most valuable skills is to be good at seeming.

Anyway, yes, a jovial amusing entertainer could work well (with or without doing magic) in the League, Brass Coast, Dawn, Marches, or Navarr.
Not such a natural fit for in Highguard, Wintermark, Urizen, or Varushka, I reckon.

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I’m not sure weather its been mentioned here or not there a lot to read but the imperial orc Facebook group is much more active that the PD forum if you have any Orc specific questions thats the best place.

Facebook Search Empire LRP: The Imperial Orcs.

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If you do decide to try busking, my group has a habit of hiring musicians for a while.
You have the choice. Get paid before hand, or take your payment on the drum from the men.

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Hey ho, side note - if you need anyone to introduce you to some fellow Cisebeos I know some people you might like to meet! I’m a League player myself so I’d be more than happy to show you around.

Hi Wandering, can we meet up IC on Saturday? My step daughter is playing for the first time and has taken Cisebeo as she is quite artistic can we chat about the role that a Cisebeo has in the League, I’m not sure she totally understood my explanation.

Probably best to take any organising of IC meet ups to private messages :slight_smile:

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