Constitutional Precendent

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Largely academic question, but do previous judgements of what is and is not constitutional by the Civil Service (/PD) create a binding precedent? For example, the Senate have effectively amended the law to permit the Captain of the Senate Guard to utilize the unwelcome visitor defence to effectively kick people out of the senate. Does this mean that, because that power has been given in the past, the Senate could create a ‘Lieutenant of the Senate guard’ with the same legal exception?
Could they create a captain of the Conclave Guard?
or a Hub guard?

(This may not be the best example, but it’s the only one I could find) … nate_Guard

There are no binding precedents in the Empire, although Magistrates /the civil service do try to be consistent.

As you say, the power of the senate guard to kick people out relates to the existing defence in law for throwing a troublemaker out of your camp. Civil servants may already treat imperial property (such as the senate, hub etc) as their camp for the purposes of throwing someone out. The senate guard has been explicitly given the right to do the same.

It seems likely that unless something changes, future motions to achieve similar objectives would also be deemed constitutional.

Personally I’m not a big fan of guarding stuff as it tends to get pretty dull fast. At least the senate guard is usually only on duty during sessions so they get to hear what’s happening in the senate.

It is a meme in LARP design that guard duty is a Really Bad Idea.
Most of the people spreading it have had to do it at some point or other.
It’s one of those things that often looks like a good idea IC, but OOC it can get boring very very fast.

I think that a guard on a location that was active from time-in to time-out for the whole event would require something like 30 to 60 volunteers, each giving up two hours of their event, plus a captain of the guard whose job would involve setting up and enforcing the rota and a first spear whose job it was to recruit a small bunch of folks to fill in when some bugger didn’t turn up for their shift. You run two overlapping rotas and make the shifts as short as possible, making sure that each person’s sentry partner changes halfway through their shift. You provide somewhere for them to sit that’s out of the sun, has lighting available and is as comfortable as possible. And you provide some kind of IC compensation. Competently organised guard duty is disproportionately complicated, time-consuming and expensive; incompetently organised guard duty sucks for all concerned (I know, I’ve done it).

In short, that’s why the important locations at Anvil aren’t guarded.

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This was never intended to be a thread about employing IC guards though, more about how the legislative system works. That was just the first pertinent example I found on the wiki. Really helpful though :slight_smile: