Contacting citizens from foreign nations


I was just wondering if a citizen of the empire could directly contact a citizen from a foreign nation without going through an ambassador for that FN? would PD provide a response if its relevant enough or if an interesting proposal was made?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

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Quite often the Winds of Fortune contain a remarkably specific name and location. I presume these must be relevant to anyone who would cast Call Winged Messenger.


This is what i was thinking, i was just unsure how likely you would be to get a response.

The ritual does not create any special ability for the recipient to reply. If the letter is important enough, the recipient may arrange for this spell or a variant to be used to deliver a message of their own, or they may (depending on how far away they are) ask a merchant, or dispatch a messenger or courier to deliver a letter on their behalf.

That will be entirely down to who you write to and what you say.

Some foreigners would balk at dealing with anyone other than the official ambassador… although maybe they aren’t very impressed with the current ambassador.

Others might not care, or be full of internal division.

Trying is a good start! But be interesting. Try and avoid the sadly typical “please can we trade” or “please give me things”. Focus on what you can do for them


Have a specific goal or purpose to contacting them, any citizen can contact another citizen to discuss a personal matter only.

As mentioned you will need winged messenger or have someone send it for you.


In terms of sending a winged messaged it’s the least exciting thing you can do at an event. They can only be sent at an event. You will require 3 iridescent gloaming and 1/2 mana depending if you have it mastered. It will involve standing in a queue for the player pcs writing it then queuing for the god team to process it. I’d avoid at all costs sending one on a Sunday morning as there will be a large queue to do this.


The good news is that it’s a very low mag ritual, so any mage with 1 rank in Autumn and the ritual mastered (or alternatively 2 ranks in Autumn) can do it.

Any tips on making this more interesting?

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I’d recommend writing it as if you are giving them an opportunity however not to the point of arrogance. Consider what kind of people they might be due to the place they come from and plan around that. Of course you would need something worth trading but you could start it with “Dear ___, I have recently acquired something that you may be rather interested in. ___ can be quite rare and I’m sure that many people, such as yourself, who have a keen understanding of economics and good deals, would be very happy at the reasonable price I offer for this”.

If you can, back them into a corner. Compliment them for wanting to do the deal. Maybe put a few questions in there to make them think about the nature of life with or without the item or something that may get them to consider something on those lines. ‘Can one say that they have lived life to the fall while missing out on certain luxuries in life?’.

If you really want to, you could make the letter itself a work of art. You could write it as a poem so the simple act of receiving the letter is special. This wouldn’t work for everyone however. If the person is more about being direct then they would probably not appreciate the poem. If I was writing a day mage I would probably keep it fairly simple.

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I would just try and avoid simple trade altogether.

Plot at Empire is generally about making Profound Decisions. Deciding whether to trade 20 tempest jade for 40 True Vervain isn’t a Profound Decision - it’s a purely economic one, it’s either worth it or it’s not. As such, it’s a lot less interesting to the Plot team if a Winged Messenger is sent purely talking about trading one resource for another. All of that is already available on the field, and is presumably available in the foreign country as well.

But offering to do something beyond that can get very interesting. Perhaps that involves pulling levers only available in Anvil, like Senate motions, Synod judgements or Conclave declarations. Perhaps that involves PvP (political or otherwise) with PCs that the foreign nation dislikes. Perhaps that involves dealing in truly rare resources, like True Liao (which is very illegal to trade to foreigners!).

To look at it another way - you’re contacted out of the blue by someone from a foreign nation. You have no easy way to check who this person is or how reliable they are. If they start to talk about doing things extremely in your interests - that’s likely to hook you more than offers to trade, which is probably a large part of your life already (if you’re talking about foreign ambassadors, at least).


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@Emmanovi hits the nail right on the head here.

Even if you do manage to send a Winged Messenger to a foreign NPC, if your message is worth responding to it is likely they will respond to the ambassador rather than you.

If you want to talk to foreigners (and not affect plot), Fleet Captains like me would take letters to wherever we’re going. For a small fee, most likely. Or passengers!

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