Cool/ Silly builds?


Phoenix Reach does love the performance-enhancing drugs, being handed a fistful of Skops Meads, Elixir Vitaes & Osseous Solutions before a battle is always a good feeling!


Turbulent Priest

xp: Dedicate, Excommunicate

Magic items: Labyrinthine Vestments, Cowl of Judgement
Tonic: Waywalker’s Suffusion
Enchantment: Chasuble of Majesty

Abilities: Spend 10 liao and your Waywalker’s Suffusion to perform a RANK 12 EXCOMMUNICATION.

(Cry, as Solas reverses it with a ‘spang’ noise.)


A couple of problems sadly for me is that chirurgeon takes too long to bring somebody up and I’d rather be the guy to stand and defend a healer from the enemies then spend 30 seconds bringing someone up.

Stay with me is a nice little way to do it has to be said, if I take:

  • Artisan
  • Hero
  • Weaponmaster

Then instead I can take a trubadour ring to help me get some people up. Is there a ritual that grants me unstoppable? Items that allow me to use it?


Rituals that give you Unstoppable include the Summer ritual ‘The Sound of Drums’ and the Winter ritual ‘Fight Tooth and Nail’



Would it be hard to find mages/coven to cast it on me?


In Urizen quite easy, in Wintermark no idea!


Luckily they’re located next to one another so if we do get an IC tent with my wife, we’ll put it on the border :wink:


Ah they’re not any more, that was at e1, Dawn are Wintermark’s neighbours now! Urizen is between the Brass Coast and Highguard currently.


Really? Thats kinda sad actually, I liked that layout :confused:


The main field was getting very full, and so PD expanded into the next one, Urizen + Wintermark was E1, and Urizen were a little overshadowed. But you’d need a large and colourful and, for preference, loud nation to not get drowned by the Wintermark Horde… so Dawn was swapped in.

Whatever they did, whoever they moved around, it was going to inconveniance someone… Sorry…


Another ritual that gives you unstopable is Irrepressible Monkey Spirit. you also get acsess to relentless but its a little pricey,


If you didn’t want Chirurgeon, then Id recommend Stay with Me
To answer some of the other questions first.

Covens can be found in most nations, most people will know where to find them in their nation (The Urezni will know the Urizen covens, the Free Born the Brass Coast covens). The bigger nations may be harder as there’s more people but theres certainly covens about who’ll do it.
My Coven tends to have a few free spots an event, so in my expereience if people ask and they’re paying for it then we try and do it. But I’d reccommend trying to do it earlier in an event so you can get more out of it. It’s also situational, some events we’re super busy and don’t have any casting slots free (we can only ritual cast 2 times a day), other events we’re rather quite. Alot depends on coven size, and whose there but thats more an issue for the coven leader.
In terms of Irrepressible Monkey Spirit it costs more than the Summer one as it also lets you overcome certain RP effects (as well as the joing use of Unstoppbale or Relentless). As it doesn’t matter how much unstoppable you have, your cleaved leg isn’t getting fixed anytime soon.

So in terms of Skill Build

  • Hero Point (2)
  • Extra Hero Point (1)
  • Stay with me (1)
  • Artisan (4)

Artisan Items

  1. Warriors Plate (gives 1 Endurance)
  2. Butcher’s Cleaver/ Reaving Mattock (Lets you call Impale/One free Impale call a Day)
  3. Alderman’s Edge ( gives Weapon Master Skill)
  4. Free Large Item

Ritual : The Sound of Drums
Potions: Philtre of Strength/ Skop’s Mead (Restore Hero Points)


If you Bond all 3 items to you, you can use a 2-Handed Weapon, that either lets you call Impale or once per day you can call Impale without spending a Hero Point. You have 7 hits (+extra 6 from Unstoppables). Then 3 stay with me, plus however many extra from Potion.
If you can reliably get potions etc, I’d recommend the Butchers Cleaver as it gives you some other way to use them. If not then the Reaving Mattock, as although you only get one Impale a day you can use it for free.

If you get cleaved (somewhere there isn’t protected by armour), or weapon gets broken or just need a heal, then you’ll need to find a healer/artisan (or equivilant potion) on the battlefield. But besides that you’re a rather tanky front liner who can pick people up and push if needed .


Thanks a lot, this build seems ideal for me.

How does an artisan mend a weapon on the battlefield? I will be one so I might be able to do it myself won’t I?

I might eventually get chirurgeon as well its just that with 8 xp and a lot of different ideas in my head I’m trying to fit in as much as I can. I will have a lot of options after my first event and my priorities might also shift but what you created fits the ideas in my head perfectly, thank you.


they need an Artisan’s Oil which they can apply to a Shattered weapon with 30 seconds of appropriate roleplay. Any artisan can produce three doses of artisan’s oil in a month using one crown (cash) to buy [under the abstraction layer] ingredients.


You’re welcome glad I can help.

As Ricohard said if you have Artisan’s Oil then you’ll be able to mend your own weapon. But you’ll either have to buy it or make some during your next downtime.

There’s also a slightly different build swapping out Extra Hero Point (1) and Stay with Me (1), for Unstoppable (2) and having the ritual Chirurgeon’s Healing Touch cast on you.

Main Differances being:

  • Only 2 Hero Points (over 3) for use (So reliant more on potions and Skop’s Mead are less effective)
  • Unstoppable now uses Hero Points, your 2 ‘bonus’ Stay with Me don’t
  • Chirugeon’s Healing Touch is cheaper to cast (and more impotanly I know there’s people on field who can solo it won’t take up a ritual slot/need lots of people, there’s probably people who can solo The Sound of Drums but they will be more rare)

Basically its how many Hero Points do you want and do you want to be more tanky or more helping focused.
At the end of the Day its your choice and either way you end up with similar stats (7 Hits, Heavy Armour, ~2 Unstoppables, ~2 Stay with Me, and 2 Handed Weapon). Then theres the Impale option. You could always go for a middle ground of keep Extra Hero Point and Stay with me, adn then get Chirurgeon’s Healing Touch, for some real picking people up. But then again its all your choice and very much how you want to play it/use hero points.


You’ll also be able to find Winter Covens to cast Fight Tooth and Nail in Highguard, where Winter magic is quiet popular.

Be aware that that ritual has some pretty nasty RP effects!


Resurrecting this old discussion because I was wondering the other day how easy it would be to build a ‘magic assassin’ character.

I present the following 8 point character:

Magician (2pts)
Extra Spell - Venom (1pt)
Spring lore x 2 (3pts)
Summer lore (1pt)
Ambidexterity (1pt)

Master Turns the Circle (Spring 4, solo castable) and Swans Cruel Wing (Summer 3, solo castable at the regio).

Now you have a character capable of attacking someone, calling Venom, then Cleave (Swans Cruel Wing); target is now bleeding on the floor. Execute target. Cast Turns the Circle to destroy the body.


This build is also a Husk Killing Machine, so that’s cool too


Use Paralyze instead. Venom gives you very little if you’re executing anyway. Paralyze prevents any inconvenient Unstoppables coming into play, and also holds them still so you probably don’t even need the Cleave.


Valid idea the rest of it, but you can’t use Unstoppable while under Venom :slight_smile: