Cool/ Silly builds?


This was built with the idea of speed of killing. Venom = 30 second bleed. Cleave = into bleed. Then execute. So on average (with ambitious rod/sword) you could take someone down, execute and destroy the body in about 3 minutes.


Fundamentally, if you get interrupted while executing they aren’t going to die, and if you get the execute off they’re dead, so I also agree that paralyse is better for this job.


That got changed at some point, you can unstoppable while venomed now,


In that case swap venom for weakness. No pesky abilities then…


Or as others have said, use paralyze, if you can’t kill someone in 10 seconds you’re almost certainly doing it wrong, and it also stops all abilities. It really is the best spell for assassinations. Most people forget that you can talk while under the effects.


Venom only drops your bleed count to 30s, it doesn’t disable skills.

Unstoppable specifically calls out that you can’t use it while paralyzed, or while under the effect of Weakness. It also notes that the use of Unstoppable does not cure Venom. But it never says you don’t get the hits back.

In short, yes you can. Venom adds little to your murder attempt except a slight chance that while getting interrupted, the victim bleeds out before a physic gets to them.


I stand corrected, thank you Corin. I’m confusing Venom with Weakness again :stuck_out_tongue:


A bit late I know but how about the The oncoming Tide build?

Shield 2
Hero † 2
Extra Hero Points 1
Unstoppable 2
then save the 1xp to get another hero point.

Virtue of your choice

Heavy armour
Goldenfire Scale
Pilgrim’s Shield
Triumphant Blade

So you have 7 HP: 2 normally, 4 from your armour and 1 from the enchantment. You have 3 Hero points and by your second event (we are assuming you have some how got hold of the enchantments from another character) you will have 4. Every time you use unstoppable you regain 5 hp. This means at first you can recover 15 HP and then your next event you can recover 20. If you pick up Greensteel Bracelets on some jewellery, at the end of the year you can have 5 hero points allowing you to regain 5 hp. Overall you would effectively have 32 HP and a shield. You would have the health pool of around 3 to 5 barbarians.