++Coronavirus update 08.05.2020++

Hi Folks,

I’m back with another quick update on the ongoing coronavirus situation. Firstly I am trying to update roughly once a week, to keep people up-to-date with what’s happening; where I’ve missed a few that’s largely because there has been little to say. If we haven’t put up anything for a week it’s generally because little of significance has changed.

Secondly I’d like to extend a thank you to everyone who put up videos of themselves over the last weekend. Obviously what we really wanted was to be in a field, putting on an event for you all. But given that couldn’t happen, it was a real boost to see so many people getting into the spirit of things.

On the subject of thanks - I want to say again how grateful we are for the tidal wave of support we’ve had from players. I’ve always been emphatic about how supportive the LRP community is - but we’ve never been in a situation of having to utterly rely on that until now. The outlook is particularly bleak for event organizers at the moment, and we’re not immune to that. But we’re in an incredibly fortune position compared to many, purely due to the amazing levels of support we’ve had from everyone who enjoys Empire. It’s hard to overstate how important that has been for us - thank you.

Understandably I’m starting to get questions about whether or not the June event is still going ahead. We haven’t taken any decision on that yet - we’re quite deliberately waiting until the last moment before we cancel the event because we’d far rather run an event for you all if we can. But we have to be realistic that the situation is not looking positive. But all we can do is monitor the announcements carefully and follow the guidance. If we can run the event then we will - if we reach the point where it’s clear that there is no chance that the event can be held then we’ll take the relevant steps and let everyone know.

If it does turn out that we can’t run the event then we’d like to encourage everyone to continue with the small victories that we did achieve last weekend. So we’re asking people not to post videos of themselves in-character for the next few weeks - but rather to save it in case the next event can’t happen - at which point we’ll encourage everyone to go for it again. Likewise with some of the other wonderful activities that we’re organized - the pub quiz, the theatre production, Song and Story - and so forth. If we can’t be in a field, then we’d like to see people getting together online!

In the meantime we’ll continue to work on some long-overdue improvements to the game that we’ve wanted to do for a while. There’s lots of missing pages that we need adding to the wiki and other upgrades that we’re working on to try and improve Empire for new and existing players alike.

Matt P,