Coronvirus Update 06/06/20

Hi Folks,

This is another quick update regarding the coronavirus situation.

As you may be aware the various UK governments have relaxed some of the lockdown restrictions but none of the changes announced so far affect us. It remains impossible for Profound Decisions to run an Empire LRP event at the present time.

Obviously we hope that the situation continues to improve, but the thing for LRPers to watch out for is an announcement that mass participation events can resume. At the point where thousands of football fans can sit in a full stadium and watch their team play live, then we can host an LRP event. Once the rules allow for that to happen, then we can look at what we need to do to run an event in relative safety.

As some people are now returning to work, we know a few players have been put in a situation where they are being asked what holidays they wish to take. we don’t want to cancel an event until it’s clear that there is no possibility that it can go ahead but we do realize that announcing an event cancellation at the latest possible date makes that more difficult for players. At present the situation is only changing relatively slowly which means that we can make decisions earlier with little risk of missing out. If that continues to be the case then we plan to let people know on 19th June if the July event will need to be cancelled.

On a more positive note - I’d like to thank everyone for the wonderful videos they uploaded over the weekend of the last event. We want to encourage everyone to do that again, so the relaxed moderation guidelines that were in place over the last event will continue to apply for this one. Obviously we’d rather be in a field with you all - but while that can’t happen it’s great to see people in kit or sharing stories of Empire.

We’re looking at what we can do to create Empire material to share. We’re looking at streaming one or more “Ask Me Anything” sessions like the one we did last time (we’ll aim to keep a permanent record of it this time so people can watch it later!). If we can get everything organized then there will be a few of these with a chance for players to put their burning questions to plot team writers and civil servants.

We’ll put up a timetable on Wednesday of what’s happening online over the event weekend - so if you’ve got anything planned we’ve love to hear about it. Comment below or email me at to let us know what you’re working on.

I hope everyone is staying safe and we see you soon.

Matt P,