++Costume and Urizen Update++

Hi Everyone - we’ve just pushed a big update live to the main wiki - a major overhaul on costume and a big update for Urizen. There is a more detailed breakdown of the latest changes along with an explanation for the reasoning on the rules update page here: https://www.profounddecisions.co.uk/empire-wiki/Rules_update_2021


The main change that directly affects everyone is that we’ve rewritten the [[costume]] page on the wiki. We have moved the page so that it forms part of the new introduction to Empire section of the wiki and added significant guidance for players on what costume to aim for, what costume is acceptable, and what costume is not acceptable.

The new page introduces and explains some new terms that’ve adopted as part of the update to Urizen’s look and feel. We plan to roll them out across other nation’s look and feel briefs when we get to them.

Much of what we have now made explicit on the costume page represents information that was understood by experienced players. We’ve also built on design concepts that were publicly discussed during the launch of Empire but weren’t mentioned on the wiki. Making this information explicit helps to make it more available to everyone and makes it easier to cite the wiki when offering advice and help to other people.

As part of the new page, we have changed the rules so that costume from the [Age of Sail - Wikipedia Age of Sail] and later periods can no longer be used at Empire. Although we want to allow considerable latitude for a wide range of costumes, there needs to be a cut-off point, otherwise anything is ultimately acceptable.

We’ve also completely replaced the guidance on corsets. The old page on corsets failed to communicate clearly what we wanted and resulted in a widespread assumption that bodices were against the rules for Empire. In some cases this extended as far as assuming that any shaped garment was unacceptable. The new rules should allow participants much more freedom to create wonderful costumes for Empire without criticism.

The most important change with the new rules is the requirement that players avoid using costume or props that are sacrosanct or sacred objects in the real world or costume that could by confused with deprecating stereotypes. Most live roleplaying games are inspired by cultures other than our own to a greater or lesser extent and Empire is no exception. We want to avoid using items that could cause distress for other people and reduce the opportunities to inadvertently present harmful stereotypes in play.

To complement this approach we’ve added new guidance to make explicit that mobility aids and child-support aids are ‘’‘always’’’ acceptable at our events.

You can find the new page here - https://www.profounddecisions.co.uk/empire-wiki/Costume


We’ve done a major update to Urizen. We’ve overhauled the look and feel guide, changed the election system for the nation, and created new pages for every single Urizen archetype, presenting detailed information on the background and ideology for each one. As part of that we have updated almost every major Urizen page to add new information and content.

A key part of the overhaul is to the look and feel page - where we have refined existing information to try and provide much more thorough guidance on the ideal costume. The new look and feel page provides much more guidance, including technical advice on colour schemes, fabrics and the link to help people create fantastic Urizen costumes for their character. It also provides explicit guidance on what garments and props are less appropriate and what are inappropriate using the terminology developed for the new main page on costume on the wiki. We’ve added explicit guidance asking players to avoid Asian and East Asian visuals as they are not part of the original brief for Urizen.

The other major focus is the overhaul to the elections. Under the new rules all magicians will now have a single vote, which will take place at the end of the Demos - a political debate where Urizen citizens determine key policies for the nation. We believe that the new system will provide a much more engaging political process and allow a lot more players to get involved and be active in the political game.

Previously when we have updated part of the game, we have carried out limited consultation with a small number of players before publishing the new rules. On this occasion we have decided to adopt a different approach - rather than consult with a hand picked group - we want to present the new changes for consultation with everyone. As a result the new Urizen pages have all been stubbed indicating that they may be subject to some changes after our consultation period. You are welcome to email us and give us your views on them - we are always happy to discuss any part of Empire with anyone who plays our game at any time. However the feedback that will be most useful to us is anything that identifies clear conflicts with established material or which provides fresh insight to the game on the field.

In a couple of week’s time we will review all the feedback we’ve received and make changes as appropriate. We will then then remove the stubs to indicate that these changes have been finalised.


Thanks everyone - please email me (matt@profounddecisions.co.uk) with any feedback you have about the new changes.


Also you can find a new Wind of Fortune related to Urizen Lore here - https://www.profounddecisions.co.uk/empire-wiki/Some_heavenly_music