Costume / armour advice

Hello, I’ve been trawling through various sites looking for inspiration for my kit and came across this lovely bit of armour (pictured). With wanting to be a Steiner warrior I thought it would be a cool fit for the brief if not pushing the parameters of the brief a little. What’s your opinions?

Also with looking for inspiration if you could send anything that helped you with your kit I would love to see them!

All the best and hope to see you all in the field soon!

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I think it looks great! A breastplate is entirely appropriate for a wealthy Steinr. It could of course be more Wintermark if it had runes instead of Celtic knotwork, but that’s splitting hairs - none of the patterns are explicitly off-brief imo.

What armour and soft kit are you thinking of wearing with it?

Soft kit I was going to add a brown/beige mantle around the top of the armour with a cool pauldron (pictured) with a few runes and such painted on, rest of the armour I’m planning on just doing leather and chainmail. I got a big blue fur trimmed tunic from chows emporium that was huge so I turned it into a winter mark looking long tunic coat what I plan to wear with a better fitting red tunic underneath to contrast. Then just looking for nick nacks really to just add a bit of depth and intrigue.

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I would be careful with too many bright colours as a wintermarker, especially primary ones like blue and red, as you can very quickly end up drifting very close to the Varushkan brief if you’re not careful.