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Hey, im new to empire and am hopefully planning to go next year but im finding it hard to plan my costume as I dont have much money and a lot of things are expensive online, I also do not know whether the image linked would be good to use, im planning on playing as wintermark but i dont know whether or not the skirt would fit with its pattern and material, im also wondering about footwear, I dont want to have to spend £50+ for some new boots so I was wondering what I can do for that, thanks :stuck_out_tongue:

To answer your question about footwear:

Generally speaking, ‘the costume ends at the ankles’ - You can wear whatever is comfortable on your feet with the exception of things like trainers etc.

So you can use walking boots for example, or even wellies! (I cut the tops of mine off and trimmed them with fur - a fellow Winterfolk) It’s important to ensure you have comfortable, suitable footwear that keeps your feet warm and dry. you could also try to find some cheaper hiking boots, there are plenty around on place like ebay and stuff.

I’m afraid I can’t really help with the skirt question as I’m not 100% on the lore for skirts in Wintermark. I mostly see people in tunics and stuff but imagine a skirt may work? as long as it was made to look like the Wintermark spec, which you can find here.

Hope this helps!

Charity shops for boots, and for a surprising amount of other kit too.
You have more than six months, just keep an eye out and you will find something before too long.

Bear in mind that neither Wintermark or Navarr are Celtic, there isn’t a big thing on tartans…

That said, an intricate pattern in subdued colours certainly fits Wintermark. Material…? What’s it made from? Because as long as it isn’t too obviously synthetic you’ll be fine.

Re costume on a budget, charity shops can be great sources of stuff. Trousers, tops, skirts, etc, something that you could tweak or change with a sash or a simple design.

As for boots… as Thiromar said, your comfort is more important than the appropriate nature of footwear. Floruescent pink wellies are probably a no, but any sort of sturdy boots are great.

Walking/hiking boots, wellie boots (which you can decorate), even the more muted and sturdy sort of trainers (Sketchers, for instance) are acceptable.

However, if you’re planning to come along in April, and you think you might like to do a few LARP events, I reccomend paying for some good boots of some sort, if you don’t have any. What would you wear if on a walking holiday…?

Oh yes, and as Hob said, keep an eye out online and you might find quite a lot of stuff being sold pretty cheaply.

awesome thanks for the help!! ill probably just stuff some fake fur in my boots then XD my plan was to still use a tunic as well as the skirt and then tuck it in or leave it out depending on how it looks, seeing as i was planning on going with steinr i may hunt for one in a dark green or blue instead, i think the material is ok but ill definitely look for better then, also for armor is there any good tips? i was planning on using leather and maybe adding a few patches of chain mail onto it but pre made armor seems very expensive too

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If you have someone you can ask good boots might make a suitable Christmas (or other holiday celebration) present perhaps? At least you can definitely say you’ll get good use out of them.

I would suggest going for decent ankle support and waterproofness too, they really are the bit of kit you should be prepared to invest in, wet and cold feet, or turned ankle will really ruin your event.

For wintermark - You can pretty much get everything by charity shop hunting.

  • A basic over the head shirt . and basic trousers should be fairly easy to find in a charity shop - check the rails for both sexes. Go for muted colours, creams, browns, dark red.
  • Blanket for over tunic If you have the least bit of sewing ability (and I do mean not much more than being able to thread a needle) or a friend who does then converting a wool blanket into a t-tunic is really easy. Tutorial linked off the wiki here: Rome - Craft Tutorials
  • buy a couple of metres of plain non metallic braid from a craft shop and tack a loop of that round the neck and the bottom and you’re there!
  • Another blanket bunched up round your shoulders with a pin broach (check the charity shop counter display ) will give you a cloak and something warm for the evenings.
  • A belt will help the look, and give you somewhere to tuck weapons and the rest.
  • A bag of some sort will be useful for all the things you’ll probably pick up, look for plain leather and no really obvious zips
  • A tankard for the beer!

Not to focus on the boots, but you will be tromping around uneven ground all weekend, Good, dry, sturdy and comfortable footwear is a must. As for costume, do you have access to a sowing machine? Tunics and cloaks are straightforward to make, then to make it look less like costume and more like clothes, add tat. A nice hat with a bit of antler, extra layers of cloth for warmth wrapped around the shoulders. Bits of fur ect ect.

I wrote a wintermark kit guide a while back that might be some help, it’s been approved by PD, I’ve linked it below.

The skirt is a nice colour combo, it could certainly work for a Steinr or Kallavesi character, depending on how it’s used. If there’s enough fabric it could be tailored into a sleeveless tunic or hood, or it could be layered as a skirt under a long tunic or two.

I’d recommend you read up on the briefs for the three peoples of Wintermark and work out which of them you want your character to fit with.

Like the others have said, kit stops at the ankle but bare in mind Anvil is notorious for its extreme weather. We’ve faced frozen-solid ground, torrential rain, baking sun and knee-high mud and fought in all those conditions. There are songs about the mud. Mud is all. If you don’t get good boots, at the very least invest in water-proof socks. They’ll keep your feet dry and offer ankle support.

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For your shoes go to TkMaxx. I got a really good pair of leather boots for £13

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