Costuming for Navarr

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So there are 5 of us joining Navarr, and we’re all very excited, however, one of my friends favourite nation was Urizen and the character she wants to create is refined and elegant. Is it acceptable to have that sort of character in Navarr? I know the general feel is that rough and ready on the track look, but if we were from a steading rather than a striding would that make a difference? She also loves pastels and wants to lean into that colour pallet.

The current idea’s we’ve had so far is to try and stick to the greens and browns as much as possible but add in some autumnal colours, possibly have a leather corset or corset belt to add that Navarr touch, work in possible vines or flowers, and use multiple layers such as cloaks and fur trims.

Has anyone got any tips to try and create a more elegant feminine Navarri? Or have any examples of costumes that do a similar thing? Thanks

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Navarr has recently had a push towards demonstrating that they are by no means uncultured barbarians. In fact, given their history, they have a fair claim of being an older people than most…

Also, they have been pushing their city of Seren, in the province of Miaren (link below). There ARE elegant and sophisticated urban Navarri!

And you will be at Anvil. Representing your people. Wearing your best togs :slight_smile:

I’m not sure what you could do with pastels (possibly some of the light greens and yellows?) but a more autumnal pallet would likely work well.

I’m sure some of the many excellent kit-smiths will be along shortly. I’ll see if I can find some photos for you…

Edit: here’s a nice one off the wiki:



Steading clothes as you are settled are more likely to be slightly less practical, but pastel shades are not really in the Navarr pallet. You really do need to try for earthy colours or you will stick out like a sore thumb unfortunately. As much as possible try to stick to the brief, it helps enormously with your game play to be able to tell at a look which nation your character is from, as that says a lot about who you are before you even get into range of conversation.

Adding the autumnal shades as accents is great, try going for rich colours instead of bright ones, claret and crimson instead of scarlet, gold and ochre instead of sunshine yellow if you can. Decorative embroidery would be great, especially from a steading where you might have had more time to decorate clothing, and it also implies wealth.

Perhaps consider Urizen as a back up next nation if you do something amazing (and stupid) on the battlefield and get dead!

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Thanks man, I think Seren may be perfect. For last names, are there fixed steadings to take names from or do we create our own?

Create your own names, although there should be something about suggested style on the wiki.
Half way down here:

If you want to check no-one is using your great idea already then asking on the FB group is probably the easiest way: