++COVID Passes - Please check your account and/or send yours in soon++

Hi everyone - I’m delighted to report that over a third of the nearly 2,500 people booked for the event have sent us their COVID passes. We’ve replied to each and every pass we’ve been sent - but you can check for sure by logging in to your PD account and checking the account summary (https://www.profounddecisions.co.uk/account/summary?23) (see pic).

Unfortunately we’ve discovered that we got so many covid passes (and they’re quite big files in many cases) it overloaded our email servers! As a result a pile of emails has got lost down the back of the internet sofa. This has never happened before, so it took us by surprise. But we’ve tracked the issue down, and fixed it. We can’t recover the lost emails, but it shouldn’t happen again.

So - if you haven’t sent us your covid pass yet - or you haven’t had a reply from us - or your account still says “send us your covid pass” - then please do send us your pass if you can.

Every pass we get now will make the gate process that little bit smoother for everybody. And please don’t forget that if you can’t send a valid 30 day covid pass before the event - then you will need to bring a valid pass or proof that you’ve registered a valid negative LFT test on the day.

If you cannot get a 30 day covid pass - only a 2 day pass - then check your NHS app - you may need to confirm your identify before the app will give you a 30 day one (rather than a 7 day one)

The Foreign Travel certificate from the NHS app worked for me, but I did have to jump through some hoops taking a photo of my driving license and things to prove my ID which took a few hours to be verified before the app would grant me my precious Pass.