++COVID passes update++

Just a quick update to say that we know that people are having difficulties with the NHS app trying to get a covid pass. Please keep trying if you can, as that is absolutely the preferred option, but we’ve had confirmation from our health team that we can accept a photograph of your vaccination cards if there is absolutely no way that you can get a pass. We’ve updated the entry requirements on the wiki page accordingly.

We’ve also updated the requirements for young participants, who we know it is much harder to get a covid pass for. If you’re bringing kids with you to the event, and you’ve sent us your covid pass, then we can also accept a photo of the vaccination cards for your children, if you want to pre-register them. If everyone in your family group is vaccinated and has preregistered then you won’t need to bring proof of an LFT on the day. If you’re coming with kids from Scotland (apparently Scottish kids don’t have cards?) - then email us to discuss your options.

We’ve still got four more days during which you can book for the event and register your covid pass, both of which will really help speed things up on the day for you - and for everyone else. Midnight monday is the deadline for booking and for pre-registering - after that you’ll have to do sort everything on the gate!

Emails to admin@profounddecisions.co.uk please!

I’m delighted to say that over 1200 people have pre-registered their covid pass now, which is fantastic news. Thank you to everyone who has done that.